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reply to Jason Levine

Re: BroadBand is a luxury moving towards utility

said by "Jason Levine":
Broadband is still a luxury, IMO, but it is quickly moving to the utility stage. Many services are beginning to assume that you have high-speed Internet access. This, combined with the growing broadband-enabled population percentage, means that a person without broadband is going to be significantly "left behind" from society at large. I don't think we're quite at that point yet, but in a few years we just may be.
You make some very good points there. I just wanted to throw something else out - what about health care? In terms of the overall good of society, and not creating an arbitrary set of "haves" and "have nots" - shouldn't we be worried about such far more basic quality-of-life type things like health care, before we care about whether or not we have higher-speed access to the internet? Just a thought, even though it is slightly OT for this thread.