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reply to AreSee

Re: most people do not need it

said by AreSee:

it can no longer be considered a luxury, and is now almost required to survive in todays society...
Maybe if you're a 14 year old with no girlfriend. For the rest of us, BB is most certainly a luxury if for no other reason that the fact that you can get the same information with a dial up connection.

Here's an analogy and you tell me if it fits:
When I go to work I drive my car, but I could just as well take the bus. Car = luxury, bus = utility.
No it does not, a better analogy might be public education, before it became a "right", only the very rich could afford for their children to go to school. Most working class families & poor families need their children to work to survive. I know all about the child labor laws, I am not getting into that...

Education for my child (then) == Luxury

Education for my child (Now) == Right

Times change, and now broadband is not only a necessity, it is a right that everyone is entitled access to, it should be considered a utility that we can CHOOSE not to have...