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Pictor Guy

Sammamish, WA
reply to superdog

Re: Wireless users, READ THIS!

said by superdog:

said by prestonlewis:

3.What is the size of Your main pipe going to the internet, and how many users do You allow until You will upgrade to a bigger one and do You have a QOS(Quality of service) policy in place?The following answers are acceptable!

This is a tough one?, as depending on how many users they have, and the speeds they are offering, a T1 could be fine, and a DS3 could be not enough?. If they are small, and only have a few users(under 50) and have the proper bandwidth throttling policies in place, a T1 is usually fine, which really leads to a second question: "Are You throttling Your users?", If the answer is no?, MOVE ON!

Wow! `A' T1, DS3 or even OC48 would not be fine in my book. There should not be `A' SPOF like that. Now you did say ``main pipe" but I wanted to point out that this is another area where I see a lot of corners cut. And it's not just with WISPs.