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Joe Mirabella
Lanham, MD

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800 RING RCN and you..

I have been getting many requests lately that could have been either resolved, or by the time I was up in the morning or back on duty, had resolved or at least the ball rolling by calling up support.

While this site is a great resource for both you and us, it can and will never replace official company channels.

Speed Issues and connectivity probably will be diagnosed correctly as upstream noise when reported to support - they will create a trouble ticket to document the time of day you were experiencing the problem, any packetloss, where the loss is, upstream SNR and other information which helps in the debugging process. This ticket will get passed onto a group who can either fix the noise, or have it looked at either immediately or when a tech is available..this also goes for TV issues.

Bryan, Jason and I work strange hours due to daily operation, outages and scheduled maintenances.. While none of us officially belong to the Customer Service team, we do what we can to try to help out.. I really can't stress enough that this is not an 'out' for calling up and reporting your issue.
Joe Mirabella

Lead Network Engineer

RCN Cablemodem Operations