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Greenville, NH
reply to shane349

DIe, Verizon, Die!

I have Verizon, and wish they would die. Maybe whoever replaced them would care about me as a customer.

FIOS is great if you can get it. All Verizon can provide me is a half-speed modem connection. (Or a T1 line for really big bucks). Every time I see a Verizon DSL ad I just want to kick James Earl Jones in the nuts.



/me gives James Earl Jones a swift kick in the NUTS!

The sad truth is that DSL has only been deployed to 25% of Verizon's customers ,and most of the deployments are on the east coast. Forty years from now,they'll still be trying to deploy fios! I too have lost all hope in Verizon. On the bright side,Direct TV is getting in to MAN'S(Wifi) with deployments starting next year.
« pricing*DROOLS* »
This is a sub-selection from wow