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Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

i have the same exact problem only i have a nano, and it's about a year old. It works fine, except it won't turn off unless it's through my iHome. I have no idea what to do! I don't want to reset it and loose all my songs, any suggestions?

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i got the complete opposite problem, my ipod turned off fully charged and i cant turn it back up. anyone know how to fix this?

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I've tried all the suggestions. It won't do anything now but show the apple icon off & on. Wont charge or anything.

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Oh man...I plugged my Ipod into my computer and did a reset about 15 times before it turned off and back on...but it worked. I didn't think it would.

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Thanks a lot.. I had the exact same problem with a docking station.


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my ipod nano won't turn off!

I've tried EvERY possible solution..mine will not register on my computer in i-tunes any more. So when ever i try that and give up i take my i-pod off and it wont get (do not disconnect) off it's screen. Then i get that to turn off eventually. My i-pod still works but im basically screwed because it will not Go Off so my battery just dies. Once i got it to reset after it crashed for a couple of months put the music on and lost it all when i reset it!!
grrr...i'm about to give up on it.
Anyone have advice that will work?

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Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

I'm currently having problems turning off my iPod Nano. I've tried resetting it (holding down Menu and the middle button), but that doesn't help. I've even tried restoring it to its factory settings. That doesn't help either. It's a first generation iPod Nano, so it's a year or two old.
Are there any other solutions?

Haha, as soon as I post this the iPod starts working again. Never mind!

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Sometimes if the battery on an Ipod is overcharged it will cause this problem. Just let the thing run and it will discharge the battery enough for you to shut is down. In your efforts to shut it down the battery was ran down enough to let the CPU shut it down.

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i have the same problem with my ipod..
after resetting it twice it finally shut off.
thank you

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Ipod discussion belongs in the ATM foum.


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this was a big enough issue I was banned for a week because I violated that rule.

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My wifes has the same problem, but here's the trick I use to turn it off:

Start playing a song. Pause it. Then press play again for a few seconds, it turns off.

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My Ipod (Ipod classic, 30mGB) want trun off even after resetting and reformatting. Everytime I trun it off the screen will go blank and then in a sadowed picture in the screen is a green battery with a plug in the middle. The ipod works fine when in use but when I go to turn it off it does this and will stay like that untill it runs out of power and then I have to recharge it all over again. CAN ANYONE HELP

Will it turn off if it's plugged into the USB cable?

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Re: my mp3 wont turn on

please help.. i think i overcharged it and i cant open it anymore.. even charge.. the pc wont read it

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Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

alright guys, i've tried EVERYONE's suggestions, and i'm getting pretty pissed off at my stupid ipod. i've tried:

toggling the hold switch - didnt work.
resetting it multiple times (holding down the menu and circle keys) -i've tried this about 20 times ugh, didnt' work
playing a song, pausing, and then trying to turn it off - didnt work.
plugging it into my pc and trying there - didnt work.
resetting, going to a menu, plugging in headphones, and going back to main menu to shut it off - didnt work.

please please, if anyone has any other ideas, let me know! thanks.


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Dear Friends

I’m Having Chinese Ipod.
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There Is Problem in Normal Mode in power.

While I Connect To System it is Working Properly.

While I Removed From System it is not switching on

What is the problem, What Can I Do for that. Help me

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Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

Im very frustrated! My 4th gen 8 gig is really fooked. I have tried resetting, as I was getting the problem that when I held down play/pause to turn it off, it would turn right back on again, after a second of black screen. After trying to reset in a variety of settings (docked, wall charger, USB charger) I reloaded the software. Now, despite the lock key being turned off, the ipod believes it's on hold all the time, no matter the position.
What can I do??


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The same problem.Thanks guys! I appreciate your very informative posts.
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Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

Same here,I face this problem from many time,Can anybody help us out from the problem?


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Resetting it isn't helping.


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hold the button for 10 seconds or more. this really worked for me.
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Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

I have had this problem on my ipod before, all you need to do is hold down the home button and the on/off button for 8 seconds, then the screen will flicker several times and the ipod will restart. When it turns back on, make sure you reconect to your wifi network to your ipod and everything will be fine.
This plan works on:
Ipod classic
Ipod nano,2g,3g,4
Ipod touch-2g,3g,4,5

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