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reply to DavisPhotog

Re: my ipod photo won't turn off!

Thanks! I had the hold key on - its the switch at the top left of the ipod. if you turn it towards where it says hold, none of the keys work.

Santa Rosa, CA
Maybe this needs to be in an FAQ entry....


reply to hez
Hey,..i have tried reseting(pressing the center and the menu button together)...and then pressing the play/pause button...but it still wont turn shows the charged logo all the time...can someone help please!

Santa Rosa, CA
Plug it in to a power source and then try resetting it.


reply to hez
I have plugged it to my pc's usb(1.1), i don't have a conventional power adapter.. but still same.. the funny thing is that even after a certian period of use(1-2hr).. the charged logo still appears..shouldnt the power be half down.

reply to hez
Thanks a lot. Your suggestion did the trick. I had to reset it 2 times before I was able to shut it off though. Wow, what a relief!! And it doesnt lose any of the music.

reply to hez
This happened to me too. I solved it the following way. I left my ipod on until the battery ran down (didn't have a choice really as I couldn't turn it off anyway!). Then I recharged it fully from my pc via the USB connection. When it was fully charged and working again, i was able to turn it off in the way you are meant to by holding the pause button on the wheel down for a few seconds. It seemed to correct it.

Colour Me Confused
Okay, good for you people with iPod 60G videos that still turn off EVENTUALLY. Luck is on your side...but I've tried EVERYTHING and it still refuses to shut off. I reset it, nope, plug it back into the power source, nope, reset again, nope, and it is not the hold button. I find often times my iPod doesn't even turn on. I have to do weird things like remove the ear plugs or press Menu for it to turn on sometimes.

This is incredibly irritating as this is practically a new iPod...less than one month old.

Can someone please help me? Do you think the Apple updates for the iPods would help this problem? I'm helplessly waiting for the batteries to drain. Anything is appreciated.

reply to hez
toggle the hold switch on and off a few times

reply to hez
I have had the exact same problem since I bought my Video 30 GB IPOD ealier this year. Two trips to the Geeks and a service call to Apple produced absolutely nothing! They said that they couldn't "recreate the problem." But lo and behold here I was again sitting on a plane about to take off and the blasted IPOD won't go off!!! Battery finally died AFTER I landed. I'm worried that this could be a real problem when flying.

Anyone else have a similiar problem at airports??

reply to hez
Thank you all - I was heading out for a trip and couldn't turn off my iPod. The reset worked and now I will be able to have music on the trip!

reply to hez
irritating. same prob, with a nano though. won't turn off, i've reset probably 10x now and have drained the batteries twice. damn thing just refuses to turn off. been two days T.T
i'm taking it back to the store unless any of you have any other suggestions.
much appreciated.

reply to hez

thank you so much for your help!, i was getting heaps worried and i thought i broke it. haha. and i was getting huge lectures about how to look after things properly.
once again, thankyou!

Jimbo Wales
reply to hez
I posted a partial solution to this problem here:
» ··· Turn_Off

and it has since been enhanced by someone else. Basically, the short term solution is to reset your ipod. The longer term solution is to 'restore', which unfortunately wipes all the music on it so you have to let iTunes refill it.

reply to DeeC
Most of them are becaue people DO NOT READ the manual on how to reset the device, or likely didn't read their Bose or Sound dock to know that it can't be turned off while in the dock....... believe me, so many of the problems are just because people refuse to read anything.
You must not read so good yerself there missy, since if you did you'd know that you CAN turn off your iPod while it's in the Bose sound dock. Amazingly enough, there's actually an OFF button for the Bose sound dock (on the remote), which you'd also know if you had read the first page of posts in this thread.

I love it when people try to generalize in a condescending manner and put their lack of intelligence on display in the process.

To add to this topic, I just had my iPod Nano refuse to shut off all day today at work, after it had been on my Bose sound dock all night. This is the first time thsi has happened, and I've just started leaving it on the sound dock overnight.

I am currently updating mine and charging it on my laptop. I thank you for this thread, having found it with a Google search.

I own a shuffle and a nano and I don't ever remember readign about resetting the iPod in either of the instruction booklets that came along with them. Hell, the nano instruction booklet was basically non-existent.

reply to hez
WOW am I relieved...I am getting on a flight to France in the morning and my ipod was frozen. typed "my ipod wont shut off" into google and got here - two minutes later pressed the center button and pause/play for 10 secs and now it works..................

reply to hez
I tried to reset and this didn't fix it... any other hints?


reply to itsartemis
no problems noted here, yet...


reply to hez
I'm having the same problem - but mine doesn't fix itself when I reset it. The only way I can turn it off is to pull the earpiece out of the 'pod and get it to pause that way. It's ridiculously annoying. My Nano is only about a year old (if that) but I feel like it is getting time to trade it in because this is mad obnoxious.

reply to hez
Same problem. It stays on constantly, even if nothing is playing. I hoped at first the automatic sleep thing would kick in when nothing was playing but it didn't. Then I tried reseting, clicking the sleep button on the ipod menu,(and yes making sure the hold button wasn't on). I'm hoping by draining the battery and recharging it, it'll start to work again but I fear it may be a problem with the actual mechanics of the ipod

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Cheyenne, WY
reply to hez
The VA Canteen store at the VA I work at got in a bunch of these Ipod's and they had the same problem. It turned out they where overcharged and in this state they will not turn off. Apple tech support said just to cycle the battery through a full charge cycle and that should fix the problem.
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Batavia, IL
reply to hez
i had similar problems with my ipod as well. if resetting it doesnt work, call 1-800-MYAPPLE.

they take u thru step by step and help you to fix ur problem. they will DEFINITELY help you out!

good luck!

reply to hez
hello i jsut bought my ipod on saturdayand jsut turned it on to listen to music after i chose my song and pressed play it wont reset and wont turn off what do i do

reply to amelia_g
Mine does the same thing i cant turn it off. How do u reset it i did it 3 times and nothing happened? HELP

reply to hez
Hi guys,

This is really interesting as I'm trying to find out why my 2 week old 80gb vide ipod won't shut off.

It won't shut off when I change the album and play the first track (it's like the harddrive isn't ready and when the harddrive stops quietly whirring after about 10 seconds it will shut off). Also, when i turn the ipod on after a couple of days of not using it and it's loading up, it won't turn off until the harddrive stops (about 10 seconds).

Is this normal or is my ipod a bad one??? It really wrroes me cause I've just spent £220 on it.

reply to hez
Hi guys,

This is really interesting as I'm trying to find out why my 2 week old 80gb video ipod won't shut off.

It won't shut off for 10 seconds when I change the album and play the first track (it's like the harddrive isn't ready and when the harddrive stops quietly whirring after about 10 seconds it will shut off). Also, when i turn the ipod on after a couple of days of not using it and it's loading up, it won't turn off until the harddrive stops (about 10 seconds).

Is this normal or is my ipod a bad one??? It really worries me cause I've just spent £220 on it.

reply to hez
This is my problem, My ipod nano shows the apple logo, so i turn the hold switch on then off, reset it so the apple logo melts away, then the apple logo reapaears and idk what to do then???????

E Roc
reply to hez
My iPod would do everything but shut off. It just sat there draining my battery. I'm glad yo say that after holding down the center and menu button it reset and everything works as good as new. Thanks for the help.

reply to hez
its happened to me about 8 times now and iv only had it for over a month

4 of the times it happened after unplugging it from my computer
maybe i should have gotten the mp3 player that was just as good (if not better) than the ipod


Ipod nano is quite good i have an 4GB blue ipod nano.

well you see i just bought because my sister bought a hardrive disk so i bought my ipod nano too.

well i only bought it like 2weeks ago or more i recently had a problem with my ipod nano
i came back from school when i wanted to on my ipod nano it turned on but
i played a song (the song has nothing to do with it) the whole thing frozed
my DS spoiled so i was very scared
than i tried holding the menu button it actually works it reset the whole thing but nothing were lost so guys its alright when this kind of things happen