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Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: Clever - fight the copyright infringers using

HBO is an even better value with HBO On Demand over Comcast (and probably TWC and others). You can watch any epsidoe of Rome whenever you want. We actually saw Episode 3 through on demand before it aired on the proper HBO channel! It's absolutely fantastic. Because HBO isn't driven by ad revenue, their On Demand stuff is top notch. We still DVR it because we want the High Definition version.
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Schenectady, NY

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Yes, but they are working to make what you are doing illegal. By definition, Tivo/etc aren't supposed to record PPV, On Demand, etc. The corporate overlords have decreed that you will only watch the show on their terms. The concept of 'Tv your way' is illegal in their minds.

Remember, the correct way to watch tv is as follows.

#1: Pay the 20.00 base fee for 15 or so channels.

#2: Pay an additional 45.00 for a package to get the 2 channels you care about.

#3: If you want HDTV, pay an additional 10.00 + 5.00 per box

#4: Ok, you've paid for the basics, and the right to watch TV, now it's time to rape you for some more money. We'll start by saying 'It's illegal to record PPV shows'. Tivo has bent over and agreed with them, and the cable cards (which 'should' work in a PC, but don't) also don't let you get PPV. So you need to pay the 5.00 to watch on demand.
But wait, you paid for HBO? Why should you pay 5.00 for the On Demand Version? Ahh, but of course, you could have recorded it with the comcast HDTV recorder. It will store it up to 3 days after the original show date. So you have 3 days to watch it.

#5: Hmm.. We want to rip you off some more. Well, you're not allowed to transfer the show you legally recorded from On Demand, or even from HBO to a DVD. Remember, if you want to watch it a week after it's aired, you'll need to pay for the On Demand again. If you want to record the entire season for your archives, you're out of luck. You'll need to pay an additional 100.00 for the DVD set when it's released.

#6: Wait, we can screw you some more. Lets add a broadcast flag, and prevent you from recording even over the air shows, NFL shows, or any pay show (i.e. Sunday ticket, showtime, Discovery channel, etc). I mean, if you really want to watch it, you could use On Demand, and pay us 5.00 per viewing.

#7: Ouch. You still have some cash left. Lets see how we can screw you some more. Ahh, well, we can't take YOUR cash anymore, but we can take more advertisers cash. We'll just make it so you can't skip commercials anymore! I mean, Disney raped the DVD format, by adding in unskippable ads to the beginning of their DVD's, why can't the MPAA do the same for everything? It's MORE MONEY for them!

#8: Ok, so, we've screwed you pretty much every way we can think of so far, but don't worry, we have new idea's on the horizon. Those nasty open source people are making devices that let you record what you want, when you want it, and remove all the commercials. We the MPAA need to buy some more politicians to stop it. We'll need to think long term, since the political expense to try and stop open-source is too high. Ahh, wait, We can say that terrorist are using it! The perfect problem, cause everyone hates terrorists. And the solution to stop the terrorist is the TPM (trusted chip). We'll get microsoft to make it so that nothing works without the chip! Then, we can make the patriot act III declare that any computer in the US that does not have a TPM based chip is illegal, cause only terrorist would bypass the TPM. That will let us release our content on computer format, at outrageous prices, and we can rape you one more time!

#9: Damn, not making enough money yet says the MPAA. Looks like we'll need to tie your viewing into a database, and cross reference which ads you've watched. If you haven't purchased enough of the items from your corporate masters, based on the ads we showed you, we will automatically bill you to make up for the shortfall. After all, only terrorists don't support the US economy.

#10: Running out of ideas on how to get more money? Not yet, the MPAA has a new plan. If you have 5 people in your house, you need to pay 5 times. After all, nothing is free, and if only one person pays, yet 5 people watch the show, you have been ripping off the hard working MPAA members, and those 4 people need to be punished. We'll charge them automatically. It's the only fair way.

#11: Looks like you've finally run out of money, but don't worry, there's an easy fix. Remember, you don't actually BUY anything in the entire scenario. You just rent it. We'll shorten the time frame for everything, and bill you again! I mean, if you heard the song on the radio, you need to pay again. If you watch the DVD you purchased more than once, you are depriving the director and the sound stage workers their rightful hard earned money. You exist to service the corporations, not the other way around..

Welcome to America 2015, courtesy of G. Dubyah and the Patriot Act 3, as well as the supporting staff of our fascist corporate overlords.
Grand Poobah



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Wow man... sounds like you really want some TV for free?

I mean, you work right? Everyday? Maybe you should be paid once and then work for free after that.

I make software, and every person who wants to use one of my products is going to pay me. Know why? BECAUSE I MADE IT AND THATS HOW I DO BUSINESS!

If you do not like it, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE IT!

Geez why is it everyone thinks making money is evil? IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY... free enterprize... you forget about that?

I was born an American, I will die an American. I will make money like an American and i will never support people who would rather steal than pay for something. HBO wants to charge you $5 bux to watch a movie, fine pay it and watch or DONT it's not like you "HAVE" to watch the freaking show. IF YOU WANT TO YOU MUST PAY... SOB i would like a new viper, guess what i don't have one because they don't give them away free... You can't watch a movie because you can't afford it... YOU NEED A NEW JOB!

IF YOU do not make the money to support your TV CRAZIED HABBIT of watching lame duck shows anyway hey guess what DON'T WATCH it... because instead of watching some lame duck movie/show you should be working, spending time with your kids, spending time with your woman, maybe a few other things with your woman...

LOL i see how your logic is... If you buy one coca cola you should get the rest for free for the rest of your life. I got news for ya magot! NOT GONNA HAPPEN...

After all this is America EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD wishes they could be more like us. Know why? BECAUSE we have things like FREEDOM and FREE ENTERPRIZE! Oh yea baby. That means you have the freedom to start a business and MAKE MONEY.

I make plenty of money and if i want to watch a show SOMEONE SPENT MONTHS MAKING then i guess i'm just gonna have to pony up some doe to watch it now ain't I? Holly hell, what a concept! Make something, someone else wants it, you get paid for it.

I so tired of the stealing and lame techno freaks out there.

Hey i fully support being able to copy a DVD/CD game, etc.. I don't like to use my master copies to play with... Once you lose them, mess them up you don't have it anymore... a backup stops that from taking place. Thus i can keep something i have paid for. After all i'm paying $100 for a dvd pack i want it for life.

Now you cry babies need to shut the hell up. HBO is a dang business. Hey magot guess why they are in business? TO MAKE MONEY, to pay people who work for them. To pay these high priced actors you love so much and will steal for to watch!

How about your business has a bunch of people ripping off your company and now you get fired because they can't pay you anymore! OH boy you would be all over it then wouldnt you...

i tell ya what... NO wonder they make fun of tech guys... 95% steal... No diff than the people in N. O. breaking into stores... Oh what is isn't? Because you don't do that? Oh no you cybersteal it from someone who already has. But somehow you think your somewhat diff from them. got news for ya punk you ain't... your as lame as someone breaking into a store and stealing stuff... SAME DANG THING!

If i ever caught you stealing my software which i can track people in mine... besides i deal with honest clients anyway i would sue you so bad it'd make your mamas pocket book hurt. You guys are nuts... STEALING IS STEALING... but since you don't know that, or won't back off from STEALING SO MUCH! Uncle Sam will help you out.

You kids don't know what it means to be an American. If someone makes some money you blame bush... It's not bush, it's YOU... because you don't know how to get off that blubbbbbber rear you call a seat warmer and make some doe for yourself. Go take some business classes.... do something other than steal all your life because you think you can't do better.

If you don't like it, or if you support stealing American Products got some advice for ya... LEAVE, LEAVE NOW, go hang out with the frenchies... and there 9.9 unemployment rate... HAVE FUN! but get outta here you American Hating sissy girl... I have toe nails that love the USA more than you; you socialist dirtbag...

How about that for a /rant?

Semper FI'ed American and you can get over it. If you even understand what i just said.


Basically, he said they're raping our Fair Use rights. You just went off on a tangent. America this, america that, yadda yadda big bar of soap. STFU or make sense.


*laughing so hard* silly military people, thinking their guns and thoughtless repetition of the party line will bring about compliance.


reply to AnonBlong
FREE TV?!!!!!!!!!!! FREE TV!!!!!!! LOL!


why be forced to watch commercials....FORCED.......when you alread pay for it?

Imperial, MO

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reply to DeBlMa
said by DeBlMa :

*laughing so hard* silly military people, thinking their guns and thoughtless repetition of the party line will bring about compliance.
Hate to break this to ya but guns in general and the US military in particular do a pretty damn good job of bringing about compliance.


Cockeysville, MD
reply to AnonBlong
If you are really such a good programmer you know how to register yourself on BR. Otherwise you are just a low level troll and as such i would not in my wildest dreams pay for any of your products.


Toronto, ON
reply to footballdude
Yup - guns and the US military in particular have done a great job of bringing about the compliance of the insurgency in Iraq.

Yes, I am dripping with sarcasm.

No slight on the individuals in the service, but defintely on the foreign policy.


reply to AnonBlong
Hey i fully support being able to copy a DVD/CD game, etc.. I don't like to use my master copies to play with... Once you lose them, mess them up you don't have it anymore... a backup stops that from taking place. Thus i can keep something i have paid for. After all i'm paying $100 for a dvd pack i want it for life.
Um, but according to the MPAA/RIAA/etc. doing that IS stealing (SAME DAMN THING). The business model is based around selling programming and making ancillary profit from merchandising, including DVDs. They sell you one DVD/set and its physical contents. They don't sell a lifetime license to the programming on the disc. Just read the warning that plays when you insert the disc.

LOL i see how your logic is... If you buy one coca cola you should get the rest for free for the rest of your life. I got news for ya magot! NOT GONNA HAPPEN...
"LOL i see how you logic is... If you buy one Sopranos Season set you should get [it] for free for the rest of your life." I'm sure HBO would express sorrow at your loss due to damage of your season set. But they would still charge you for a replacement rather than allow you to make a precautionary backup.

They even sort of made it against the law to even think about doing that when the DMCA made reverse engineering to circumvent copy protection illegal. (That's part of the reason Lightning's DVD Decrypter is no longer 'around', voluntarily.) Thought control...how American is that? How conducive to free enterprise?

"Sorry, Mr Ford, but the Horse and Buggy Protection Act (HBPA) has made it illegal to design any means of transportation that gets around the need to have both a horse and a buggy. Your Model-T just won't be legal here in the US of A."

Imperial, MO
reply to dpkform
said by dpkform:

Yup - guns and the US military in particular have done a great job of bringing about the compliance of the insurgency in Iraq.

Yes, I am dripping with sarcasm.
Actually, you're dripping with ignorance. The people of Iraq are not fighting against the US military, they're fighting alongside them, against a bunch of Muslim extremists from Syria and Iran. The last report I saw said they were getting around one hundred people a month crossing the border into Iraq and attacking our troops.

miss beehive 1963

reply to AnonBlong
fair point i do agree with most of your argument here, however strongly need to inform you that the rest of the world ACTUALY DOES NOT WANT TO BE MORE LIKE AMERICANS!
but thats exactly the problem, thats what you all think, we are looking at you and thinking you are human beings gone wrong, do note that your country (that you ransacked) is only about 200 years old, with no real structure, or anything that resembles reserve, and you have highlighted this well in your post there.
maybe at one point following world war two, there was some kind of glitsy glamour in view of americans, but this has long since passed yet, you guys havent actually noticed it yet. your country is scary, you dont actualy have vomitariums yet, but i dare say that every eating disorder has stemmed from your country, the common view of you over here in europe, is basically obese and gun crazy, your crime rate is higher than anywhere else in the world, you are beyond superficial, and resemble mere characatures of human beings, and worst of all, its going to take more terrorism before you finally start asking why they are doing it. we all though "9/11" as you have coined it, was the wake up call, but no, you guys just released some albums and sold some mugs on behalf and asked "why in gods name? etc. ITS BECAUSE.....THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE WITH A NUMBER OF OTHER GODS AND OTHER INTERESTS, THAT OCCAISIONALLY WANT TO BITE BACK AT YOU GUYS STAMPING ALL OVER THE REST OF THE WORLD, WITH YOUR GREED DRIVEN EVILS AND MODERN SLAVERY.

i can safely speak on behalf of the majority of britons, is that wwe ridicule and despise you, and to be honest a lot of us clapped with excitement on septtember the eleventh 2002, we were only dissapointed to realised it was just another coon that did it, we'd have been most impressed if some intelligent person in your own country did it.

however, we do feel that you are on the demie now, and are on the verge of eating yourselves.
your bodies and country are beyond saturation point.

i am sure some of you realise this.

but yeah, things should be paid for etc, forgive me for not using words like "dang" and "yee hah" etc. some things are best read without an accent attatched, then again you wouldnt know that.


reply to AnonBlong
Seriously dude... American Freedom is a veil. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that, you are clearly in denial. Learn to spell loser.