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Moncton, NB

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reply to LetsGetDrugs


downloadoct7routeraccess.zip 1,205 bytes
Unzip to a folder and open index.htm
Added a couple new pages that I found (Firewall Settings, Learn More) and also put the menus that come with the Efficient firmware (Users/Devices/Gateway). Let me know if the menus work on Bell firmware, I don't have a Bell modem to test on.
Also, if you want to use a different IP for the router, you only have to update the nav.htm file where it says to at the top of the source code.

Edit> Removed Firewall Settings since it doesn't work, added input box for IP address

all appear to work OK except "firewall settings" which just brings up the basic modem setup window again (within the main modem window) -otherwise OK ...thanks.


Moncton, NB
When you go to the Devices menu, can you see clickable icons in the left router menu for the different computers, or is it the same as the Bell Devices menu?


reply to LetsGetDrugs
Hello Mr. Drugs,

You seem to like Bell service, and also appear to have a lot of good ideas that folks find useful. I'd like to ask you if accessing the hidden pages on the Speedstream in combination with some basic testing and settings changes will help us resolve the problems we're experiencing with this crazy modem? Do you recommend hooking up our old Linksys hub with this modem until something can be done to resolve all this nonsense? I have faith that Bell will get there eventually, but I have to live with my internet until then..

As background, I switched our home network solution to Bell early in summer/05, and received the now-famous 6520. Called Bell Tech Support today with an ongoing problem of slowdowns & disconnects, but they didn't give me much help at all. It was particularly heartbreaking that nary a ticket would be opened for our woes. Sigh.. I think I have to do this on my own.

The symptoms began immediately. My boyz started complaining about slowdowns, pausing and disconnects with their online games as soon as I replaced the 5yr old modem/gateway. I'm frustrated that I can't transfer files very easily on the home LAN as the machines lose touch with each other all the time (4 PCs hard-wired and all running XP, 2 could use wireless, but i have to make the ethernet work first). I have a history of configuration persistence, and would really like to just find a solution

I've been a Sympatico member for 10 years now, so wanted to stick with something I know is usually pretty good. We have UltraHigh and the technician today said our line was very clean. I noticed no patch download on the Siemens site to stop the issue, but see by all the postings that I am not alone. i am willing to try out some of the posted suggestions from this forum and have tinkered with some gateway/router settings in previous lives. I am no pro -- and certainly not current.

What sage advice might you have? Can you get me started?