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Doctor Four
My other vehicle is a TARDIS
Dallas, TX

HBO BT poisoning may be short lived

HBO may seem to be winning this one in the short term,
but as more and more BT users start blacklisting the
bogus sources, they will lose. P2Pnet.net has a story
on HBO's poisoning of Rome episodes, and within is a
list of IP addresses to block, some of which belong to
known file fakers and other content cartel hired goons,
such as MediaSentry and Performance Systems International:

"Kayura or Badamon, whichever you are, you should know that I will never give up this battle. By the will of the Ancient, I shall succeed!" - Shuten (Anubis) from the Ronin Warriors.To RIAA/MPAA - You can sue but you can't catch everyone!