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reply to G_Poobah

Re: I for one, see the downfall of HBO on the horizon

said by G_Poobah:

**AA execs really are that stupid. If they are sending garbage data, then they can't say someone is infringing on the copyright of their show! There's no show being transmitted.

If HBO sees such a demand for it, why don't they just let people download it, and pay a small fee (i.e. 1-2.00 per episode). I mean, HBO is 10.00/month, NO COMMERCIALS, etc. What do they have to loose? This is the perfect opportunity for them to step up to the plate, but the idiots at the top can't see the forest for the trees, and instead of adapting to the future, they desperately hang onto the past. Just because you made money in the past, doesn't mean you get to make money today. Just because you got a 'law' passed, doesn't mean it's a just law, and that anyone will obey it. The more they tighten their grip, the more they loose control.

I for one, would celebrate the downfall of our fascists leaders and the corporate goons who hold their leashes. Bankrupt them all I say, and deport them to canada! Make them trade in the christian dior suits for some plaid socks and a baby seal club. So what if HBO goes broke, someone else will rise to take their place, someone with a clue. Remember, the **AA's shouted 'wolf' when the VCR was released, and now they make FAR more money from DVD's/VHS than they EVER made from the theaters.
As with your earlier post, you demonstrate an incredible ability to show yourself to be ignorant. Why would the **AA execs be stupid to do this? They aren't trying to sue Mediasentry as that company isn't uploading copyrighted content, it's uploading junk. If you don't see that, then try going back to jr high. The people who are still uploading/downloading the actual show are still committing theft, and thus leave themselves open to litigation.
Somebody already posted some of the reasons that net distribution wouldn't work. Besides, people would still find ways to crack whatever DRM they use, and distribute it for free everywhere, and people like you would download it because free is cheaper than $$.
It's obvious you know nothing of their business models, networks can't afford to let you pay for the one or two tv shows you want to watch, that would only ensure that those shows make money and that on everything else, they lose money, including new shows.
Why don't you try to alleviate your stupidity instead of acting like a 12 yr old who just learned that meaning of a couple of new words.
And no, if HBO goes out of business, somebody won't take their place, people will say, 'look, HBO tried to make great shows but eventually they couldn't fight copyright theft' and that will be that. Maybe some companies will emerge and instead of being networks will sell only a few shows and sell them directly online, but that means most shows wouldn't exist and we would undoubtedly miss out on a lot of great ones.