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Parsippany, NJ
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reply to dbmaven

Re: Roll CALL!

said by dbmaven:

Welcome one and all.

I'm a consultant, currently specializing in VLDBs in the Data Warehousing/Data Mart space. Doing a lot of work currently in the pharmaceutical industry, but have done consumer products (my original background) and finance as well.
How big are some of those VLDB's? Just out of curiosity ....

Premium,ExMod 2001-04
Toronto, ON
I'd guess Terabytes.

That's the kind of storage arrays that are ordered at the telcos where I have worked.
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Put me on hold? I'll put YOU on hold
Parsippany, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
said by AR:

I'd guess Terabytes.

That's the kind of storage arrays that are ordered at the telcos where I have worked.
The question is, how many TB's ...

I just finished building a large Oracle installation late last year that's got over 70 TB of data in the online database, and another 65 in archives. There's another 100 TB of disk allocated because we're growing at a raw data rate of 60-75% yearly. We're handling roughly 135,000 transactions per second through this thing ... it's got some serious horsepower.

All on HP-UX.

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Bethel, CT
reply to dbmaven
Although I've been a DSLReports member for a long while I just came across this forum. I think I fit here ...

I started in IT in 1965 with an IBM 1401, programming in machine language and then Autocoder. I never could figure out how to get it to divide! I migrated in college to an IBM 1620 and then a 360/65, the largest computer in Connecticut at the time. (256K main memory and 1 MEG additional core memory ... you could peer through the glass and see the actual CORES!!!)

I migrated up through various IBM O/S's including VM/370 ... some of my code made it into various productions versions of VM/370. IBM was willing to incorporate customer's "enhancements" back then. IBM actually distributed the SOURCE with the O/S then which made enhancements lots of fun.

We transitioned off the mainframe in the mid 80's or so onto Novell network systems. That was a really, really fun time.

Currently I'm working in an aerospace company doing infrastructure support. Our platforms are all Solaris running Apache, Sun LDAP Enterprise Directory, MySQL, Embedded Perl. Most of our apps are home-grown in Perl.

I consider myself an advanced Perl programmer but can "speak" many other languages. Does anyone here remember APL, PL/1, REXX, or (very obscure!) Speakeasy!? At one time or another I was pretty good at all of them.

Bill W
Western Connecticut
Old dogs can learn new tricks!


Wakefield, MA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to dbmaven
Because my previous jobs were all security based and they were tight wads about everything, I never posted.

I work at Sun , Level 2 back line engineer , I fix the problems most of the people can't get repaired , well before we send em to the bug team if I can't fix em.

I support Solaris / Linux / Windows on x64 and high availability Servers E10k 15k 25ks, the heavy iron .

I have been known to roam over into clustering and help out as a Level 2 Engineer.

I know NAS , HA servers , (Global) clustering and touch oracle.

I am currently considering opening my own pc business.

An odd fact, I use open solaris @ home and enjoy it , I hate SUNRAYS ! I don't like my "manager" but love the people in this company.

I have been in IT for 9 years and have done major work with telcos , banks , and retailers.

Here we support all the people who use sun , the largest database I have helped save was a 12 terragig (spelling ?) database that was clustered and mirrored on over 50 nodes. Was a huge task and a team of 4 were involved walking them threw the steps to get all the nodes up without reiniting the disks.
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Englewood, CO
reply to dbmaven
I am a Information Systems Technician and a Network Diagnostucs Technician here... I do work for a small privately owned Network owned by a close friend and have been in the biz about 11 yrs...


Hillsdale, NJ
Not Sure if I posted here yet.

I run a small computer consulting company in northern nj(bergen county). I also perform IT duties for my local law enforcement agency.

I have been doing this for about 5 years now. I feel that I still have much to learn.

But I am making some money and making good friends in the process so I will not complain much.


reply to dbmaven
Systems Support Specialist for a County Government. Work from anywhere dealing with help desk and basic computer support, to servers/networking, to dealing with connections/routers with the State.

Rockin' the Boxen
Alexandria, VA
reply to dbmaven
I work for a small consulting company (I was first paid employee) that you've likely not heard of unless you're in the Intel community. This past week I "celebrated" my third anniversary with them.

I'm a "Senior Principal Consultant". This means I do everything form implementation, to assessment, planning and architecture tasks. My work is predominantly post-sales, but with ocassional pre-sales work thrown in. I specialize in data availabilty (e.g., clustering technologies) and protection (primarily replication technologies with some archival technologies thrown in).

When doing implementation work, I work almost exclusively with UNIX-based systems: predominantly Solaris and AIX with a smattering of HP/UX and Linux. Assessment, planning and architecture tasks run the gamut as I have to be familiar with all sorts of hosts - from PCs to mainframes - networking and storage. I travel all across the country and spend >80% of my time on the road.

Prior to my current job, I spent 5 years as an "operations engineer" (basically, a glorified senior UNIX SA position) for a global webhosting provider. Two jobs prior to that were with a storage vendor and a UNIX hardware manufacturer. Been doing the UNIX thing as a hobby since 1989 and as a primary occupation since 1995.
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Woodbridge, VA
reply to dbmaven
said by dbmaven:

Welcome and Sign In, please.

Tell us where you work, and if you don't want to be precise about a company name you can more generically describe the industry.
a large Network Service Provider

said by dbmaven:

Tell us what role you play in the business/corporate/enterprise I/T landscape - everyone from programmers to system Architects (and everyone in between) is welcome here.
Technically, I am a "Unix Administrator" but I see more Linux, Networking, and Datacenter/PoP work. Background is in Unix, Linux, IP networking and data communications. Am a fiber-optic junkie. Anything involving fiber = me in a toy store.

Currently work in a PoP where there are racks and racks of DWDM, CWDM, Long Haul, ADMs, ONS 15454's, Junipers, and other assorted fiber goodness. It's like Christmas every day I come to work.

said by dbmaven:

Tell us how long you've been doing this work.

14 years now. Damn. Every single day is a new learning experience.

said by dbmaven:

Add anything else you think is relevant!
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reply to dbmaven
Work in NJ for a large multinational distribution (manufacturing located in Asia).

Web System Analyst = WebSphere Admin under Windows and RedHat, SQL 2000/2005 DBA, IIS Admin (content delivery servers), of course RedHat (everything including installs) and Windows Admin (someone else does installs). Also, create countless SQL DTS, ftp, vbscript all colminating into batch jobs and even shell scripts. Instructor (mostly RedHat) to boss so I when I am out he doesn't call. We have about 50 prod and dev servers. 10 or so SQL Servers in that mix.

Lastly, that four letter word, keeping documentation up to date.

About seven years or so in this position, previously I was in document imaging system design, testing, training, rollout and support for three years.

Oakdale, CT
reply to dbmaven
Hi all,

I jumped in to computer support during NT 4.0 and windows 3.1 days.

Currently a Server Engineer in charge of 42 IBM blade servers that boot off a approx. 75tb san (which is almost out of space . Also assist the other 2 engineers here with our Citrix farm publishing apps for our ASP. Our mainstay is Litigation support and Electronic Data Discovery. We are currently owned by a Storage Services company that builds storage are networks.

We are currently doing server consolidation from over 162 different servers down to about a 100. More IBM blades please. We have satellite operations in Eden Prairie,MN, Vancouver,WA, Ventura,CA, White Plains NY , Texas and India.

Can't really tell much more than that due to sensitivity of the data we host.

Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
reply to dbmaven
I was just thinking to myself, what the site needs is.....and here it is!

I run a company that could best be described as "outsourced I.T". I work primarily with mortgage lenders/brokers. The corporations tend to span several states, but via smaller branch offices of 5-20 employees. Rather than employing an IT department of their own, they contract with us. It's a step above just replacing parts and per job orders, we act as an internal IT department - making software recommendations, establishing protocols, etc.

I have the good fortune to be able to do 80% or more of my work from home, but I have physical offices in 2 states, and on-call staff in 13.
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North York, ON
reply to dbmaven
Systems/Network admin for software/services company. I am the only MIS guy in our office in Toronto, the other 4 are at head office in Montreal. I have about 100 people here and a couple of dozen or so servers.
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Hamilton, ON
reply to dbmaven

Re: Roll CALL!

System Operator for a local School board and an owner of a small, private research organization.
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Potomac, MD
reply to dbmaven
Bio tech Industry
I graduated from college in 06 with a website programming degree(wasn't graphic design but weird degree called Internet computing) and wound up working for my fathers company as the computer tech(mainly for work experience). I took a Comptia A+(601, 602) training course for hardware knowledge and might go for the cert soon. Also training in MCSE a bit.

I currently work with windows 2003 server, windows XP/2000 computers and manage all IT related issues including an Avaya IP phone-system. Now that I have some experience in working field I am looking to expand my skills and am looking for a new job(yes people in my company know this and have been very supportive) but I am unsure of what I want to do. I thought of working for IT contractors but I am unsure of what companies to apply to. I have been in contact with alot of IT recruiters that seem to be a waste of time but I am still working with them.

Anyway nice to meet you all.

·Comcast Digital ..

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reply to dbmaven
I do Desktop / Network Support for a huge internet company. I have been in this line of work for about 3 years.

I am working on starting a part-time IT support business and will eventually go full-time as a business owner.
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Edmonton, AB
reply to dbmaven
Hello all,

I work for a small Canuck IT company supporting small and medium businesses in a range of industries. How's that for vague?

Oakville, ON
said by jaywid:

Hello all,

I work for a small Canuck IT company supporting small and medium businesses in a range of industries. How's that for vague?
It could have been "Works for a small northern North American IT company supporting misc small companies :P.

Cisco Kid
Indianapolis, IN
reply to dbmaven
I'm currently the admin of a small non for profit( ok seriously its 2 websites i host to get my resume out and for my lil bro's xbox live tournaments) I'm currently in the process of getting my BS in IT Networking and my CCNA.

The network is all Cisco except the gateway router which is a dlink. The core is built on top of a cisco 3640 and 7505 routers, 2924, 2916 and 1924 switches and 2 dell poweredge 2400s. Inventory and "help desk" functions are taken care of by the Spiceworks suite while I use The Dude network management and mapping software to keep track of bandwidth usage and link states between the switches and routers.

I've been doing this for close to 4 years at my father's house and before this I was doing local work from my mom's house. Removal of spyware to total rebuilds from scratch.

First time I ever got to look inside a computer was when I was 8 and my father let me "help" him install our first internal ISA V.92 9600 baud modem in our Micron dekstop(all scsi)

for those interested you can visit »cowkilla.dyndns.org/grambonet to see the layout prior to my acquisition of the 7505
Conf t
int Fa0/1
switchport access vlan 2
copy ru st

Waukesha, WI
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to dbmaven

Actually I am a software developer by trade, but, I am also the entire (volunteer) IT staff for a small non profit organization. We have about 8 paid staff members, 8 volunteers and 14 computers. When I started we had:

6 computers running windows 98
all staff shared a single dial up line for internet access
each dept had a single general email box
no individual email address
no shared files (except by email) or by floppy
not all computers had up to date virus software
a mix and match of office software

14 computers
XP Pro on all equipment
All computers running common office suite
SBS2003 for domain login
ethernet across the building
high speed access to the outside world
individual email address for all staff (paid/volunteer)
shared date stored on the server and accessable by all
Backups maintained at the server
Now running centralized virus software

Setting up the main server was the biggest challenge as I had not done that previously.


Walnut, CA

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reply to dbmaven

I am new to this forum. I work at Leadertechusa.com.
We are a Computer Components Vendor. www.leadertechusa.com

I am a Technical Sales Manager. Been in Technical Sales for over 10 years. Many of my client visit your forum.

My email address: removed by a moderator.

Hope to be a valuable contributor to your forum in the future.....


Virginia Beach, VA
reply to dbmaven
I'm new to the forum as well. I am the technology director at an independent school in Virginia Beach.

My primary background is in multimedia and design, however am also responsible for the networking/server aspect at the school. I am not an expert in this part of the field and most things I know are self taught.

I have 2 help desk staff that work for me, which is a help, but they are not networking people either.

Geeky Guy

Rio Rancho, NM
reply to dbmaven

I'm a long time anon - just recently signed up a real account.

I've been using computers for the last 30 years or so. Starting back in the Commodore Pet and TI 99/4 days.

The first PC I purchased was a Vic-20 with a tape drive. I remember waiting 30 minutes to load Frogger...

Anyway, I've long been in the computer field, as a consultant, a PC tech, and as an IT contractor. I've worked for government, local biz, individuals, you name it.

Currently, I'm the IT manager (of myself - the whole IT department!) for a smallish mental health non-profit in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Naturally, I do everything under the sun: servers, PCs, printers, web site, etc.

I have to commute and the pay isn't that great, but its a nice easy and relaxing job. Plus I have my own office. And I'm in charge.

Surpass the Usual or Ordinary
Hillsboro, OR

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reply to dbmaven
I'm a Technical Support Representative with Netflix. I support our Instant Watch, Netflix Set Top Box by Roku, and our newly announced partnership with Microsoft to bring streaming video to the xBox 360.

In the past I provided onsite helpdesk support at Intel supporting the laptops and desktops used by microprocessor design engineers. After that I was hired as a Data Center Technician. I supported 6 data centers and 50k + servers.
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Davenport, FL
reply to dbmaven
I have been retired several years but during my working life I started in IT as a programmer, then a DBA. I have worked for several companies, an Asst. VP of World Wide Technology Services for major financial institution, the DOD, and several insurance companies.


Lenoir, NC
reply to dbmaven
Hi All,

Currenty I'm a systems admin. for a cable parts manufacturing company close to Hickory, NC. I handle pretty much anything that gets thrown my way.

I have a profound love for the industry, and have a few strengths in Server 2003 that I hope to bring to the forums, as well as get help with a few of my own issues.

reply to dbmaven
I'm currently an IT Analyst for a health care company. I do everything from helpdesk to troubleshooting network connections and VPN's. About the only thing I don't deal with is the servers.

This is actually my first corporate IT position but I have been doing on the side work for businesses in the family for about 10 yrs. I'm currently finishing my B.S and working on my CCNA.
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North Richland Hills, TX
reply to dbmaven
Hey all,

I'm working for Greyhound Lines, Inc (parent company First Group) supporting desktop systems, all the applications loaded on them, their many peripherals, some of the AD groups, little bit of the Cisco gear, Kronos clocks (ohh yee time gods), all types of printers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, and Columbia South America.

My title is SR. Analyst, Technical Support, been with them for about a year now coming up Dec 31st 2008.

Remote access to the desktops and VPN access has saved my life.

Glad to meet you all,
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