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Cisco Kid
Indianapolis, IN
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Re: Roll CALL!

I'm currently the admin of a small non for profit( ok seriously its 2 websites i host to get my resume out and for my lil bro's xbox live tournaments) I'm currently in the process of getting my BS in IT Networking and my CCNA.

The network is all Cisco except the gateway router which is a dlink. The core is built on top of a cisco 3640 and 7505 routers, 2924, 2916 and 1924 switches and 2 dell poweredge 2400s. Inventory and "help desk" functions are taken care of by the Spiceworks suite while I use The Dude network management and mapping software to keep track of bandwidth usage and link states between the switches and routers.

I've been doing this for close to 4 years at my father's house and before this I was doing local work from my mom's house. Removal of spyware to total rebuilds from scratch.

First time I ever got to look inside a computer was when I was 8 and my father let me "help" him install our first internal ISA V.92 9600 baud modem in our Micron dekstop(all scsi)

for those interested you can visit »cowkilla.dyndns.org/grambonet to see the layout prior to my acquisition of the 7505
Conf t
int Fa0/1
switchport access vlan 2
copy ru st

Waukesha, WI
·AT&T U-Verse
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Actually I am a software developer by trade, but, I am also the entire (volunteer) IT staff for a small non profit organization. We have about 8 paid staff members, 8 volunteers and 14 computers. When I started we had:

6 computers running windows 98
all staff shared a single dial up line for internet access
each dept had a single general email box
no individual email address
no shared files (except by email) or by floppy
not all computers had up to date virus software
a mix and match of office software

14 computers
XP Pro on all equipment
All computers running common office suite
SBS2003 for domain login
ethernet across the building
high speed access to the outside world
individual email address for all staff (paid/volunteer)
shared date stored on the server and accessable by all
Backups maintained at the server
Now running centralized virus software

Setting up the main server was the biggest challenge as I had not done that previously.


Walnut, CA

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reply to dbmaven

I am new to this forum. I work at Leadertechusa.com.
We are a Computer Components Vendor. www.leadertechusa.com

I am a Technical Sales Manager. Been in Technical Sales for over 10 years. Many of my client visit your forum.

My email address: removed by a moderator.

Hope to be a valuable contributor to your forum in the future.....


Virginia Beach, VA
reply to dbmaven
I'm new to the forum as well. I am the technology director at an independent school in Virginia Beach.

My primary background is in multimedia and design, however am also responsible for the networking/server aspect at the school. I am not an expert in this part of the field and most things I know are self taught.

I have 2 help desk staff that work for me, which is a help, but they are not networking people either.

Geeky Guy

Rio Rancho, NM
reply to dbmaven

I'm a long time anon - just recently signed up a real account.

I've been using computers for the last 30 years or so. Starting back in the Commodore Pet and TI 99/4 days.

The first PC I purchased was a Vic-20 with a tape drive. I remember waiting 30 minutes to load Frogger...

Anyway, I've long been in the computer field, as a consultant, a PC tech, and as an IT contractor. I've worked for government, local biz, individuals, you name it.

Currently, I'm the IT manager (of myself - the whole IT department!) for a smallish mental health non-profit in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Naturally, I do everything under the sun: servers, PCs, printers, web site, etc.

I have to commute and the pay isn't that great, but its a nice easy and relaxing job. Plus I have my own office. And I'm in charge.

Surpass the Usual or Ordinary
Hillsboro, OR

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reply to dbmaven
I'm a Technical Support Representative with Netflix. I support our Instant Watch, Netflix Set Top Box by Roku, and our newly announced partnership with Microsoft to bring streaming video to the xBox 360.

In the past I provided onsite helpdesk support at Intel supporting the laptops and desktops used by microprocessor design engineers. After that I was hired as a Data Center Technician. I supported 6 data centers and 50k + servers.
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Davenport, FL
reply to dbmaven
I have been retired several years but during my working life I started in IT as a programmer, then a DBA. I have worked for several companies, an Asst. VP of World Wide Technology Services for major financial institution, the DOD, and several insurance companies.


Lenoir, NC
reply to dbmaven
Hi All,

Currenty I'm a systems admin. for a cable parts manufacturing company close to Hickory, NC. I handle pretty much anything that gets thrown my way.

I have a profound love for the industry, and have a few strengths in Server 2003 that I hope to bring to the forums, as well as get help with a few of my own issues.

reply to dbmaven
I'm currently an IT Analyst for a health care company. I do everything from helpdesk to troubleshooting network connections and VPN's. About the only thing I don't deal with is the servers.

This is actually my first corporate IT position but I have been doing on the side work for businesses in the family for about 10 yrs. I'm currently finishing my B.S and working on my CCNA.
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North Richland Hills, TX
reply to dbmaven
Hey all,

I'm working for Greyhound Lines, Inc (parent company First Group) supporting desktop systems, all the applications loaded on them, their many peripherals, some of the AD groups, little bit of the Cisco gear, Kronos clocks (ohh yee time gods), all types of printers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, and Columbia South America.

My title is SR. Analyst, Technical Support, been with them for about a year now coming up Dec 31st 2008.

Remote access to the desktops and VPN access has saved my life.

Glad to meet you all,
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Miami, FL
reply to dbmaven
I just started a new job a month ago.

I work for Telefonica USA and I'm the Product Manager for Voype (Microsoft PSTN-Out) aka Windows Live Call.

Whenever you use Windows Messenger and you click the little phone in the buddy list, it brings-up a dialer. That dialer is now powered by Telefonica. You can go on there and buy credit and make long distance calls for really low rates.

My Webmaster Gig | Crunching the Midnight Oil

Ben Cisco
Embrace Intellect
reply to dbmaven

I have left my previous place of employ. I'm now working as an assistant systems administrator (sans title) for a safety equipment manufacturer in Charlotte. Unlike the last gig, I'm working directly for the company now instead of under contract through a third party. That change of status, and the substantial raise that came with it, has life looking pretty good at the moment despite the economy.
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Nashville, TN
reply to dbmaven
Well, let's see.

I've been working with computers since I was thirteen. I'm 35 now. So that's about 22 years of knowledge gained through self-teaching.

Currently I work for Comcast Cable in Nashville, TN. On the internal support desk. It's definitely not a job that's using my skills to full potential, but it's hard to find employers out there who will put me in an IT role without certs. Got the knowledge, just not the paper.

·Comcast Digital ..
reply to dbmaven
The businesses I support are primarily web-based businesses.

I primarily perform Desktop and Network Support duties. I have been doing this type of work steadily over the last 5 years but have been into computers for over 10 years.
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Phoenix, AZ
reply to dbmaven
Just found this forum, thought I'd post.

I work at a large moving/transportation company in Phoenix,Az. I'm the IT person in the CorpRecords department. We scan/store about 90% of the company's paper documents. I support approx 500 people and have written a large number of programs and applications for a number of departments.

Currently we have approx 65 million pages scanned over the last 9-10 years!!! I've been with the company for 6+ years. Prior to this jopb, I worked at an Az. state agency, doing basically the same thing.

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Jamestown, NC

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reply to dbmaven
I'm a partner - but officially the Director of Network Technology - for a financial services company. I was asked by someone I was helping with a part-time project to design the initial infrastructure while working for IBM and I was lucky enough to be able to leave and work here full-time in 2007. I am fortunate in that I work 100% from home and only have to travel once or twice a year. If it's related to IT and it's not development, I handle it.

We are a completely virtualized company, in that we all work from home by making extensive use of VoIP PBX and VPN technology. We have a multi-site WAN with servers in 3 different data centers across the East Coast as well as employees in Virginia, New York, Charlotte, Colorado, Brazil, Germany, and Australia.


Nepean, ON
reply to dbmaven
Hi all.
Ill be quick
20 years in the industry started at the bottom fixing printers and 0386 machines.
Worked my way up doing just about everything in IT.
Now working as a customer engineer for the biggest storage company there is. I have one customer that has 2PB of storage I help maintain.
Love being in IT look forward to the forums.
I am also an Xbox fan 5 in the house 3 on live and no I dont use them all its so I can spend quality time with the kids


Asheville, NC
Systems analyst/programmer for our local county government. I've been at the same job for 20 years. Mainly work with GIS, MSaccess and SQL. In my spare time, I like playing guitar, and enjoy pretty much any type of music except for rap..

God Bless America

San Francisco, CA
reply to dbmaven
i literally became a member of the IT industry today!

I've been working for the state government for about 10 years. I've always wanted to get into the IT industry, I just never knew how i'd get in. I applied for an opening in our IT unit, thinking there was no way in hell i'd get the job (no formal experience doing help desk) but lo and behold...i somehow got the job!

i "learned" computers using an Apple IIe, built my first computer when i was 16 and now 10 years later, i'll be starting my new job, doing help desk, in about 2 weeks.

i've been on dslr for almost 10 years and i look forward to visiting this particular forum and learning more from you all!
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reply to dbmaven
Been in IT for over 15 years, enjoy what I do, worked in the enterprise down to small business size. Worked in numerous startups to build their infrastructure.

I don't know everything, there are days I feel like I know nothing.

I learn something new everyday and some days things just fall in place and wonder why I didn't figure it out sooner.


Sterling, VA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to dbmaven
I work for a large IT/Mgmt training company running the instructor help desk, the new student help desk, and the ops computer lab. I get to do everything from answer the phone to figuring out why a cisco router doesn't work. First time I have ever really liked my job.
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Aurora, CO

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reply to dbmaven
As of now, My direct roll is to develop intranet reports in SQL reporting Services and do DBA work for several SQL Server 2005 Databases.. Those are my main two roles for now, but I also do many other tasks with our engineers on the side such as Exchange 2007 Admin, AD administration and some other sysadmin work.

I started out at this company 2 years ago as a Desktop Support specialist, and can relate with alot of these funny help desk tickets i'm reading on this forum..

I'm Currently Comptia A+ Certified, and have 2 terms left until I graduate with my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Specifically Networking.. I learned alot about Cisco, and have been flirting with the idea of becoming cisco certified..

I'm torn, however, If I want to keep more in the development/progamming world.. (Flexible but can get boring)...

Or go to my grass roots and utilize what i've learned at school and become a network engineer or some kind of network specialist...

I like both aspects of networking and programming (Specifically SQL programming cause that's pretty much all I know for now).. But as far as my career aspirations, i think that computer network technologies are my aspirations.

digital is here
New York, NY

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Time for me to finally check in. I started today as a part of my work study in NYU FAS Computing. I deal with faculty and staff who have NYU-owned computers. We fix computers, do a lot of reimaging/ghosting/etc, and order lots of stuff.

Our university has an enterprise contract with Dell, so almost all of the equipment we see, setup, and fix are Dells. We do get the occasional Mac though.

I also watch a lot of stuff on hulu, eat food, and do nothing for a few hours at a time.
Sriram Satish
NYU FAS Computing

Flips page and continues reading
Minneapolis, MN
reply to dbmaven
I think I'm next...

I work as an Information Technology Specialist in a Transportation industry. I specialize in Asset Management and Help Desk Support. Been working in this spot for 2 months so far.

Marietta, GA
reply to dbmaven
I work in a Network Operation Center for an LD and prepaid wireless company. My primary job is on the LD side. We do have some local in Maine as we are reselling Faircrap, also local in a few other states but not really actively trying to sell. Primary work is with our local, LD, TFN and efax services, reinstating/canceling accounts to working tickets from customers with stuff not working. Also do some orders/provisioning when the needs arise, jack of all trades really.


reply to dbmaven
Hey all, I used to troll these forums but I decided to sign up and be legit...

I'm a Systems Manager for a major international hotelier, I cover a handful of large properties and handle desktop support, servers, networking etc, pretty much all things IT on the property level. Although I am part of a team for my local area, when I'm on prop as far as my users know I am the one man IT show (!) The nice thing about my job is prob that there is a large corp IT apparatus behind me that seems to have my back.
I recently graduated with a BS in Information Studies and Poli Sci and so far am loving my first down and dirty bite at real enterprise IT.

I look forward to contributing!

Kennesaw, GA
I guess it is my time to say hi

I work for the local school district in onsite support at three schools serving about 700 computers. I take care of workstations, onsite servers, and networking components. I'm part of a two man team that does the brunt work of installing new servers, moving servers, and associated stuff (UPS, master switch etc.)
Been working in IT since I was 15 starting as a Remedy Administrator, then was transfered into field work. I have one semester left in getting a BS in Information security and assurance.

I have an A+ Network+ and Certified Novell Administratot 6.5 (CNA) Currently studing for Security+ the eventually CISSP.

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Edmonton, AB
reply to dbmaven
A little info about myself:

Being tinking with computers since I was 5, slamming the keys of an Apple II. I got into my first computer relation position at the age of 14, building and repairing 386/486 systems for a local computer shop.

Now I find myself doing IT work for a GEO Surveying company and I've been with my current employer for over a year now. I deal with anything such as running CAT5e, installation and maintenance of HP ProLiant DL/ML servers, installing/troubleshooting CAD stations, setting up ESXi virtualization servers, maintaining HP plotters and OKI LED printers, and the list goes on.

If you find yourself having to support Autodesk software, run for the hills.
Asus P5Q-E / Q9450 @ 3.6 / 4GB OCZ Reaper HPC 8500 / XFX 9800 GX2 / Windows 7 Ultimate x64


Green Cove Springs, FL
reply to dbmaven
I'm a call center agent... and a TIER 2 agent. We are called Supervisors perhaps. I have been in my position for 1 year and three months...


Paradise Valley, AZ
reply to dbmaven
I've worked for several small to medium size computer companies in the phoenix area.
Everything from full VOIP/TDM telephony implementations, datacenter installations, cisco pix/asa, desktop support, driving 3 hours to plug in speakers, programming this, smashing that, etc.
I travelled about a week out of the month on installs in other states. Installed the system(s), trained users and administrators, and then flew back home and did remote support on the system (though usually, it always worked fine, just users never remembering...).

Avaya ACE certified, MCP (hah), Shoretel, Meru...

However, Out of work now, and no one wants to hire someone with my skillset...so I'm going to go get some general certs like A+ and Net+ so I can work a friggin best buy...again.
I liked my job. The economy didn't it seems.