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Don't Waste Your Energy
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·TekSavvy DSL
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Re: Roll CALL!

Currently an engineering designer in a small engineering branch office of 10. We run Netware 5.1 and GroupWise 6 on an ancient P2/333 server which just won't die. All the computers in the office run XP. I've been doing network admin as a secondary role to engineering ever since I joined the company 8 years ago. Recently, our company was bought up by a company that is a Microsoft shop, so my network admin skills will become obsolete as soon as our network is absorbed into the new, and I can focus exclusively on engineering.

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(topic move) Supporting MS employees! No wonder...

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Toronto, ON
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Re: Roll CALL!

I'm a "newbie", out of school 2 years.

I work for a small telecom consulting firm. In that role, I've to be jack of all trades. I work on OSS/BSS telco systems: Siebel CRM and in-house provisioning systems. Right now, I'm working at a major Canadian CSP.

With more experience under my belt, I'm thinking of branching into the role of a business analyst or getting an MBA and going into strategic consulting. We'll see.
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I'm a network engineer, doing Uncle Sam's bidding. Spend a lot of time in basements, ceilings, tunnels and under raised floors...which means that my wardrobe expenses rival what I spend on gas...

Got my start in system administration and find myself being pulled back into that arena from time to time (some people just refuse to throw away an email address or phone number! )
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Scotch Plains, NJ

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This is a great idea for a forum!!!

I am a SA managing all aspects of presenting 50TB of business critical data for an international company based in the Northeast. Most of this data sits on NAS devices (Linux front end to Fibre Channel / iSCSI Disk back, shared via CIFS for 50k windows users.). I also manage several application & print servers which are Microsoft based. I have been in my present position for roughly 6 years, and have seen many changes during this time, as I am sure you all have!


big greg
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Boston, MA
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I'm currently a mercenary contractor, doing whatever I can for cash.

I can't tell you what I'm doing right now on my main contract due to NDA (software engineering). I also operate a web hosting and web design service. I've also worked as a software engineer, diagnostic engineer, operations manager, network manager, network admin, network grunt, sysadmin, computer center operations/production manager, video systems engineer, DBA, web site operations/production manager at a .com, web designer, and a bunch of other stuff even more boring than that.

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Lakeside, CA
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Howdy all!

Just thought I'd pop in and see whats shaking.

I'm an Information Services Manager for a medium to large union is sunny southern California, I have a crew of 6 that I'm responsible for from support specialists to programmers. Thankfully I my self rarely have to deal with the end users directly but on the occasions I do it can get interesting.

Glad to see this forum up and running and I'm sure it'll be a great source of information as well as entertainment.
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Toronto, ON
And networking...

Ben Cisco
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I'm doing hardware and network support for a division of a Fortune 500 company in the Charlotte region.

Hamilton, ON
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I'm a Framework Programmer (my official title) for a smallish Canadian outfit that sells software as part of a larger services offering. I'm currently primarily responsible for the user interface and customization aspects of our development framework that is used in-house by other programmers to build our products and by our implementation consultants and customers to tailor the products to individual customer needs.

I did some time as an unofficial network admin at a couple of previous jobs where I was essentially the only technical person there but I never felt particularly comfortable in that role. I do build my own computers and dabble with networking stuff for myself now and then.

I clean malware off of my friends and relatives' computers when they become unusable.

united state
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Hey guys!! I actually have to fix your #@$!! computer since I am a Geeksquad agent. We got a ton of new forums!

Long Island

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I pimp myself to a few companies but find most of my days spent working for a company involved in promotion and marketing. Im the on call computer slave / network dude.

I also have about 50 clients in the field that depend on me to make sure they can run smoothly, and some times i just spend endless hours researching.

Been doing this since about 1998, became M$ certified and A+ in 2000. I spend a shocking 18+ hrs most days doing all things I/T.

The things i have seen... Well you all know what I'm talking about.
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Lebanon, PA
Hello!. I am a wireless engineer, and I own my own wireless ISP for the last 5 years. I have RF training thanks to Uncle Sam, and I taught myself, along with quite a few online courses about routing and computers in general. I also do network design for quite a few of my clients, and no matter how hard I try, most of my residential customers cause me more grief in a week than ALL of my business customers do in a year. Oh well, I guess that keeps it interesting?
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I work for an outfit that is a high-class "temps are us" type of company. Our only clients are government agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration, the Defense Information Systems Agency, the US Department of Agriculture, etc. We provide engineering and IT/IS support personnel to them - ranging from help desk to systems engineering. As such, 99.9% of our employees use client systems, equipment and facilities. Meanwhile, back at the HQ fort, I wear the Help Desk/IT/IS-all-things-computer hats for a staff of 8 people (myself included).

I've been working with computers since about 1979. Was trained by the USAF and worked some 11 years as part of the team maintaining the primary fixed radar facility automation system used by the USAF and USNavy. Went from grunt programmer to #2 in charge of it all in those 11 years. An odd combination: myself and most others on the staff were licensed/certified air traffic controllers with additional training as computer programmers for the positions. Those 11 years were spent programming in Data General assembly language along with my own hobby programming BASICa and QBasic.

Between 1991 and now I've had on-again-off-again positions that involved programming or network management for a couple of outfits. I've been a software and systems test procedure writer, systems test director, and just plain tech writer on many computer involved projects.

For about 6 years I provided custom business solutions using VBA in Microsoft Office applications for SW Bell Telephone and their parent, the SBC Corporation, along with a major insurance underwriter and even Altec-Lansing while they had facilities here in Oklahoma City.

At the present my primary hat is that of "Proposal Manager" for the company - meaning that I put together the bid proposals for new work on government contracts for the company. Suffice it to say that with the government you can't just give them a bottom line price for a job - I've seen proposals go to over 400 pages.

Currently the HQ office consists of a peer-to-peer setup that the company president put together and added to over the years. I'm trying to get them moved over to a true domain setup under the Microsoft tools. But my sys admin knowledge is pretty meager, so I plan on keeping it as simple as possible when we do make the plunge. My current learning effort is toward becoming very familiar with the Microsoft Server 2003 Small Business Edition (Premium) package, which would seem most appropriate for use in my current situation.
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San Francisco, CA
reply to dbmaven
Hi everyone! I'm a PC Technician II, providing level 2 support in a biotech company doing R&D. I do helpdesk, service requests and rebuilds of servers if necessary. I've been working there for more than a year now.

reply to dbmaven
I work for a medium sized manufacturing firm. In the late 80's I decided PC's weren't toys or hobbies and set out to prove that. After I made my point the owner said "can we do that" and "then can we do that" again and some how I ended up with the whole enchilada. Not relinquishing the old job, of course.

We currently have about 80 networked computers, a couple of domain controllers, a couple of NAS appliances, some old servers doing duty as mail gateways and the like. Computer usage is split into about 45 desktop workers, 8 workstations for shop floor attendance and labor tracking and the rest scattered attached to machine tools as sort of an ad-hoc DNC system.

The plant is fairly large so we use 3M Volition's fiber system for the runs on the shop floor. It takes care of EMI and distance limitations. It's pretty easy to use and termination can be learned in an hour or so.

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Atlantic, IA
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Howdy All!

I'm the IT Manager for a 105 Employee Architecture & Engineering firm in Omaha. We are a M$ shop with about 15 2000-3k servers including Multisite Exchange and some SQL.

We recently deployed a 3 site Toshiba Hybrid VOIP/TDM phone switch.

I am currently fighting a 1.8TB SAN solution that is not all it cracked up to be.

Asheville, NC

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Ahoy there, mates. I am a web developer and sysad for a government contractor, working for the Air Force Combat Climatology Center in lovely Asheville, NC.

Primarily working in Redhat ES3 and Oracle 10gAS, though also administering Tomcat, MySQL, and some Windows 2003 boxes. That's about all I the info I can disseminate.

On the side, I run Asheville Technologies.

And yes, I am a blogger.

King Of Fools
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San Francisco, CA
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Hi all!
Well i am actually a student studying Computer Sci/EE but i work for our family bussiness in Real Estate and Loans and just started my own Consulting/IT company.

In the Real Estate and Loans area, i am the go to IT guy for everything, from basic ordering Computers too getting a Linux Server up and running for 5 offices via VPN all over the bay area. Being that we are a small bussiness, i need to be quick on my feet, oh did mention my father (Boss) worked for Lockheed Martin since 1984, so pressure is hard./
As for my own company, i do small time IT help for other small bussiness. It helps pay the bills and i just started this year.
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I start new work on
Granite City, IL
reply to dbmaven

SBC tech support here on

Network Center tech for 5+ years now.

Oklahoma City, OK
reply to dbmaven
I'm the sole admin for a small business. We have 6 Windows servers, one Linux server and one Mac OS X server. Our workstations consist of about 40 XP workstations, and about 12 Mac OS X workstations. I maintain everything technology related. It's a great job. I've been doing this 2 years, and this is my first job in IT.
I'm going to school for a degree in Infrastructure Assurance. I am a relative n00b when it comes to IT, but I'm learning quickly. I am A+, NET+, MCSA...Apple certs include Apple Certified Helpdesk, Apple certified portable/desktop technician.
Not that certs really mean's just fun to have SOMETHING since I'm not done with college yet.
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·AT&T U-Verse
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Sr Systems Administrator for a government contractor. I've been working on the same 4 projects for the last 4 years. I also do some of our network management for these projects. As of Oct. 1 I'm working for a different government goes the government contractor world (I hate it, but love the job).

Being that my office was located in Katrina ravaged New Orleans, we have relocated our production servers to Fort Worth. Total downtime? 2 hours.
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Baton Rouge, LA
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I am an admin at a small logistics company. We are sort of the middle men for large chemical companies and trucking companies. We employee about 40-50 people in this office and then there are 25-50 scattered across the country. I work with one other guy in the IT department. He does our database programing and teaches me about our database. I deal with the people calling, users, computer repair, installation of programs, Cisco router and switch, servers, VPNs, AD, our domain and exchange server, webservers and basically anything that comes up that doesn't have to do with the database. When I get to busy he comes and helps me out.
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Dayton, OH
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I'm an app/database developer primarily working with Oracle Apps and DB's. I've been in the industry and out of college for 2 years, working for a rather large consulting company, currently on a project for the USAF.
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Richmond, VA
·Comcast Business..
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Owner/Partner/CTO in a computer networking company here in Richmond. We have quite a few businesses that rely on us to handle all their systems and networks all across the state. Along with a ton of servers all over the state we have twelve here that do a multitude of jobs (Web, DB, Email, etc.).
Been in the business since the mid-nineties and established this business 2 years ago.
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Free at last, free at last
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• First Baptist Church of Slidell Louisiana
Director of Information Technology / Systems-Network Administration
Since February of 2005
I love the work, I do everything from running ethernet, setting up VPNs for our pastors, and remotely monitoring/fixing the network.

• Best Buy Geek Squad
Computer Repair/Tech
October 2005
I just started at Best Buy. During the down time at FBC I work at Best Buy repairing PCs. Through BestBuy I get to see what some of the cutting edge Pcs hold today. It's also great work.
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary student
John Ball
Director of Information Technology
First Baptist Church
4141 Pontchartrain Drive
Slidell, La. 70458

On the next level..
·SureWest Internet
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I started out as a contract help desk worker in 2000 for a small not for profit in Kansas, moved to Gateway Computers in 2002, worked at Gateway for 2 years as a Business support tech, worked at Sprint for a few months as help desk for a few months until I came in after a big update push that hosed Outlook and they had a few thousand calls in queue one morning and I decided that I needed to go back to school and finish my degree.

I have been supporting PC users for about 7 years now. Now I am starting to get a website up and going, word of mouth support calls also.
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Santa Barbara, CA
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Network Administrator for a medium sized financial consulting company in Southern California. 400 client machines, 45 servers.

I've been doing this for a year, and have been in the industry since 2003 (Yeah, a young'n.)

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Saratoga, NY
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DBA New York State


Large scale data modeling, sever based software, SSL/VPN

Detroit, MI
reply to dbmaven
Hey all,

I am manager for a new up start in Lansing, MI called Tech Express (yes I know I have to commute far for this job);) We are the ones who deal with end users from the home-front to large scale businesses. Meaning yes we have to fix their #@$!! computer. I seem to have that knack for translating technical terms to common terms for the end user and common terms(or their own terms) to technical terms.