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Sterling, VA
·Verizon FiOS
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Re: Roll CALL!

I work for a large IT/Mgmt training company running the instructor help desk, the new student help desk, and the ops computer lab. I get to do everything from answer the phone to figuring out why a cisco router doesn't work. First time I have ever really liked my job.
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Aurora, CO

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As of now, My direct roll is to develop intranet reports in SQL reporting Services and do DBA work for several SQL Server 2005 Databases.. Those are my main two roles for now, but I also do many other tasks with our engineers on the side such as Exchange 2007 Admin, AD administration and some other sysadmin work.

I started out at this company 2 years ago as a Desktop Support specialist, and can relate with alot of these funny help desk tickets i'm reading on this forum..

I'm Currently Comptia A+ Certified, and have 2 terms left until I graduate with my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Specifically Networking.. I learned alot about Cisco, and have been flirting with the idea of becoming cisco certified..

I'm torn, however, If I want to keep more in the development/progamming world.. (Flexible but can get boring)...

Or go to my grass roots and utilize what i've learned at school and become a network engineer or some kind of network specialist...

I like both aspects of networking and programming (Specifically SQL programming cause that's pretty much all I know for now).. But as far as my career aspirations, i think that computer network technologies are my aspirations.

digital is here
New York, NY

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Time for me to finally check in. I started today as a part of my work study in NYU FAS Computing. I deal with faculty and staff who have NYU-owned computers. We fix computers, do a lot of reimaging/ghosting/etc, and order lots of stuff.

Our university has an enterprise contract with Dell, so almost all of the equipment we see, setup, and fix are Dells. We do get the occasional Mac though.

I also watch a lot of stuff on hulu, eat food, and do nothing for a few hours at a time.
Sriram Satish
NYU FAS Computing

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Minneapolis, MN
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I think I'm next...

I work as an Information Technology Specialist in a Transportation industry. I specialize in Asset Management and Help Desk Support. Been working in this spot for 2 months so far.

Marietta, GA
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I work in a Network Operation Center for an LD and prepaid wireless company. My primary job is on the LD side. We do have some local in Maine as we are reselling Faircrap, also local in a few other states but not really actively trying to sell. Primary work is with our local, LD, TFN and efax services, reinstating/canceling accounts to working tickets from customers with stuff not working. Also do some orders/provisioning when the needs arise, jack of all trades really.


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Hey all, I used to troll these forums but I decided to sign up and be legit...

I'm a Systems Manager for a major international hotelier, I cover a handful of large properties and handle desktop support, servers, networking etc, pretty much all things IT on the property level. Although I am part of a team for my local area, when I'm on prop as far as my users know I am the one man IT show (!) The nice thing about my job is prob that there is a large corp IT apparatus behind me that seems to have my back.
I recently graduated with a BS in Information Studies and Poli Sci and so far am loving my first down and dirty bite at real enterprise IT.

I look forward to contributing!

Kennesaw, GA
I guess it is my time to say hi

I work for the local school district in onsite support at three schools serving about 700 computers. I take care of workstations, onsite servers, and networking components. I'm part of a two man team that does the brunt work of installing new servers, moving servers, and associated stuff (UPS, master switch etc.)
Been working in IT since I was 15 starting as a Remedy Administrator, then was transfered into field work. I have one semester left in getting a BS in Information security and assurance.

I have an A+ Network+ and Certified Novell Administratot 6.5 (CNA) Currently studing for Security+ the eventually CISSP.

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Edmonton, AB
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A little info about myself:

Being tinking with computers since I was 5, slamming the keys of an Apple II. I got into my first computer relation position at the age of 14, building and repairing 386/486 systems for a local computer shop.

Now I find myself doing IT work for a GEO Surveying company and I've been with my current employer for over a year now. I deal with anything such as running CAT5e, installation and maintenance of HP ProLiant DL/ML servers, installing/troubleshooting CAD stations, setting up ESXi virtualization servers, maintaining HP plotters and OKI LED printers, and the list goes on.

If you find yourself having to support Autodesk software, run for the hills.
Asus P5Q-E / Q9450 @ 3.6 / 4GB OCZ Reaper HPC 8500 / XFX 9800 GX2 / Windows 7 Ultimate x64


Green Cove Springs, FL
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I'm a call center agent... and a TIER 2 agent. We are called Supervisors perhaps. I have been in my position for 1 year and three months...


Paradise Valley, AZ
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I've worked for several small to medium size computer companies in the phoenix area.
Everything from full VOIP/TDM telephony implementations, datacenter installations, cisco pix/asa, desktop support, driving 3 hours to plug in speakers, programming this, smashing that, etc.
I travelled about a week out of the month on installs in other states. Installed the system(s), trained users and administrators, and then flew back home and did remote support on the system (though usually, it always worked fine, just users never remembering...).

Avaya ACE certified, MCP (hah), Shoretel, Meru...

However, Out of work now, and no one wants to hire someone with my I'm going to go get some general certs like A+ and Net+ so I can work a friggin best buy...again.
I liked my job. The economy didn't it seems.

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I originally posted here so I need to update a bit. Well, I no longer work in the Bay Area and moved back up to he77 er Sacramento. I go a promotion and then got a job with another department (long story). My working title is LAN Administrator. I'm learning more and more about Active Directory in setting people up after the Exchange Group create the account. Setting permissions on folders in the servers are a pain in the a$$, but I am able to figure things out. I still work on the side and building desktops and fixing laptops.
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Watertown, SD
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Been lurking this forum for quite a while, don't remember if I ever posted here or not...any hoo

I own a pc repair business, about 90% of it is in-your-home (a little niche I got into, no one else in town does it). Been at it part time since 1997 and full time for the last year.

Lately, it's VERY tedious, spyware removal is getting OLD! I just can't figure out why people can't take care of there systems better.

What makes it all worth it is when someone wants a custom pc, I love building em!
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·AT&T U-Verse
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Figure I would update since it was 5 years ago that I originally posted.
Still working for "the man" as a contractor but I'm in more of an engineering role now. We new programs into our datacenter. Alot of paperwork involved...imagine that. Recently acquired my VCP and I'll be working on getting Sun Certified shortly...or would that be Oracle Certified. Either way, it should help in the long run.
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Villa Park, IL
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I just keep stumbling upon more hidden gems on this site

I'm a student that works as an IT Admin for a large landscape architectural firm in Chicago part time. I do some consulting work on the side, but I hope to get back into consulting when I finish school.


Saint Louis, MO
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I work in a datacenter that does managed hosting. I'm a windows engineer and have been in the field for almost 4 years now.

I am A+ and Network+ certified and I hold a 2003 MCSA. I am currently working towards upgrading my MCSA to MCITP:SA and am trying to get my Citrix Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator certificates.


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work as a t1 tech support

based offshore for an american

isp for 3+ years now.

hate reading scripts and throw n it after week 1.
I do my job lightly, but I do take every issue seriously.

This spot reserved for Xenu.
Roslyn, NY
·Optimum Online

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reply to dbmaven
Hi everyone. Cool forum, cool topic. I've always wondered what some of you guys do for a living!

I'm a Senior Systems Administrator at the Precious Metals / Commodities Trading data-center located in the Wall Street area, at J.P. Morgan Chase.

I've been addicted to computers as a hobby since the age of 12, putting up my first bulletin board system on a 300 baud modem in 1981.

This hobby paid off in a big way. To begin with, when I wanted a printer, my dad made a deal with me that I'd try to submit an article to one of the computer magazines.

I had my first computer article published at 14 by then "Compute! Magazine", owned by ABC Publications. After this and another article published in Byte, I collaborated with an editor on a Compute! 6502C/GTIA ASM book, and have been writing sporadically through the 90s.

While attending college, I started part time at "Chase Manhattan Bank, NA" and worked as a lowly operator. I was responsible for picking up several 8.25" tapes from The Fed nearby at 7am, and would run morning productions, print all the thousand page reports and distribute them by the time the financial folks came in.

25 years later, I'm still here, and some of the machines that I worked on back then are still here with me.

Our data center is extensive. Besides the plethora of hardware being used, we have a fireproof media/tape vault, a raised floor for easy access to cabling and a 30 second halon release system. And no, I haven't yet had the pleasure of setting it off!

I can't complain. Chase has been good to me, and it pays the mortgage!
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Cooleemee, NC
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Soon to be Sys Admin for a Christian Clothing company in Corona CA. I am the Jr. Sys admin at the moment. Just waiting for HR to give me the title since the IT manager doesn't want to deal with the Infrastructure anymore. Its basically my network I just need approvals from CFO to get things going. Before this, I was doing Desktop support for many companies over the past 10 years.


Haverstraw, NY
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I'm the Direcotr of IT in a family-owned ice-cream flavoring company about 30 miles out of New York City. We supply raw ingredients for most of the big name ice cream manufacturers. Chances are you've eaten something we made.

When I started a few years back, the equipment consisted of one server (right by the fridge), and a couple of workstations plugged into a small switch.

But now we have three buildings, three racks worth of equipment, fiber optic cable, wireless N, temperature alarms, everything is networked etc. etc.


Montreal, QC
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Hello everyone!

I have been on these forums for over a year but rarely post. I got CCNA certified only a few months back and work for a telecom company in MTL, QC

Just a shout out to all the regulars on this forum: I am sure others will agree that those of us who are new and learning are very grateful for all the knowledge & wisdom shared on these forums!

Thanks and very much appreciated!



Gatineau, QC
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Hey all,

I'm a Computer Tech for the govermnent of Quebec , Health dtp. Most of the time but not always i'm diggin databases and creating reports. The rest of the time i do tech support.

Namedrop THIS
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20 Years as an IT Consultant. Dual MCPs and tons of hours doing the deed.

I'm proudly self-employed and wouldn't take a W-2 position, even with a gun to my head.


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I go by Drew...

I live in Big Rapids, MI about an hour north of Grand Rapids.

Been using computers since I got a Tandy 100 HX about 24 yars ago.

Desktop Tech, Helpdesk, Network Tech, Systems Admin, system builder, desktop and laptop repair, your usual jack of all trades.

Also do manuals and tutorial videos.

Familiar with Lotus Notes 4 and 5, all versions of windows from 3.0 to Win7 (including server).
Familiar with Dos 2.11 through 7 (including Dr Dos and PC Dos)
Familiar with OS/2 2 through v4 Warp.

A little bit of Unix/Linux.

I don't put much stock in higher education. So I have a couple certifications and an Associates degree in EET from ITT Tech.

Ethically Challenged
Saratoga, NY

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-Current title - ISO (head of networking and security)

-network security and Cisco specialist (CCNP security)

-MCPD (C#)

I was C# and Java Programmer, Sys-Admin, Net-admin, Web Admin,
have BS in CS, MSIS and MPA in Econometrics (statistical modeling) and Public Policy.

I work for a private/public partnership supporting ~4000 employees and nearly 100 remote locations.

You can ask me about any of the above and send PM if you are stuck, I will always help if I can. Sometimes just having a second pair of eyes is the solution.

Many times I spent hours starring at issues only to discover I missed a comma in an array or accidentally typed 127 instead 172 into a class B network NAT.

I start new work on
Granite City, IL
·AT&T Midwest
·Google Voice
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-Name: David
-Current occupation: Network Center Tech AT&T
-Been doing this for 12 yrs
-my first pc was an appleIIe with a duo-disk drive unit and a imagewriter printer
- Desktop Tech, Helpdesk, Network Tech, Systems Admin, system builder, desktop and laptop repair, your usual jack of all trades describes me to a T
-Have a communications electronics tech and an FCC land and mobile license.
-Graduated ranken tech in 1998
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