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Gatineau, QC
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Re: Roll CALL!

Hey all,

I'm a Computer Tech for the govermnent of Quebec , Health dtp. Most of the time but not always i'm diggin databases and creating reports. The rest of the time i do tech support.

Namedrop THIS
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20 Years as an IT Consultant. Dual MCPs and tons of hours doing the deed.

I'm proudly self-employed and wouldn't take a W-2 position, even with a gun to my head.


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I go by Drew...

I live in Big Rapids, MI about an hour north of Grand Rapids.

Been using computers since I got a Tandy 100 HX about 24 yars ago.

Desktop Tech, Helpdesk, Network Tech, Systems Admin, system builder, desktop and laptop repair, your usual jack of all trades.

Also do manuals and tutorial videos.

Familiar with Lotus Notes 4 and 5, all versions of windows from 3.0 to Win7 (including server).
Familiar with Dos 2.11 through 7 (including Dr Dos and PC Dos)
Familiar with OS/2 2 through v4 Warp.

A little bit of Unix/Linux.

I don't put much stock in higher education. So I have a couple certifications and an Associates degree in EET from ITT Tech.

Ethically Challenged
Saratoga, NY

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-Current title - ISO (head of networking and security)

-network security and Cisco specialist (CCNP security)

-MCPD (C#)

I was C# and Java Programmer, Sys-Admin, Net-admin, Web Admin,
have BS in CS, MSIS and MPA in Econometrics (statistical modeling) and Public Policy.

I work for a private/public partnership supporting ~4000 employees and nearly 100 remote locations.

You can ask me about any of the above and send PM if you are stuck, I will always help if I can. Sometimes just having a second pair of eyes is the solution.

Many times I spent hours starring at issues only to discover I missed a comma in an array or accidentally typed 127 instead 172 into a class B network NAT.

I start new work on
Granite City, IL
·AT&T Midwest
·Google Voice
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-Name: David
-Current occupation: Network Center Tech AT&T
-Been doing this for 12 yrs
-my first pc was an appleIIe with a duo-disk drive unit and a imagewriter printer
- Desktop Tech, Helpdesk, Network Tech, Systems Admin, system builder, desktop and laptop repair, your usual jack of all trades describes me to a T
-Have a communications electronics tech and an FCC land and mobile license.
-Graduated ranken tech in 1998
If you have a topic in the direct forum please reply to it or a post of mine, I get a notification when you do this.
Koetting Ford, Granite City, illinois... YOU'RE FIRED!!

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