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Is Comcast still sending bw abuse letters?

Hey all, I noticed there haven't been any posts about the old comcast abuse letters and what not since around late 2004. Is comcast still sending out these abuse letters at all? Is there still a download cap? Is it still fuzzy? Or are we all finally free of that junk?

Also, if I still have the Motorola SURFBoard 4220 modem, is it worth exchanging it for a newer one at one of comcast's billing centers?



with the lack of response i'm assuming they've stopped? Good question though...i'd like to know this myself..anyone?


Garland, TX

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Record your bandwidth totals for a month with dumeter or some other program and use over 300GB's in one month. If you don't get a bandwidth abuse letter, come back here and let everyone know.


thats not really an answer dude I'd like to avoid getting a letter in the first place. If anyone has a legit answer i'd appreciate it, as im sure manker would


West Linn, OR

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Comcast started calling people instead of sending letters not too long ago (early 2005 I think). Before that they stopped sending letters for a little while, at the time they were getting bad PR for shutting people down for going over the invisible limit so I guess they switched to calling people. Haven't heard of anyone getting calls for going over the limit for quite awhile though.


thanks for the info...
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Methuen, MA
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Re: Is Comcast still sending bw abuse letters?

I am quite happy with the service, i have been using comcast ever since mediaone was around, and i still have no complaints about their service. I mean any isp sometimes have issues here, and there, but sometimes sh*t happens. so IMO they are comcastic!

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Hercules, CA
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While I may not be the "Download God", I have been known to download ALOT before.
Some people do download 200-300GB per month without issue. It all depends on *Your Area* and how bad your usage is(or is not) affecting others in your area.

I imagine, saturating you line 24/7 for a month or two, will ruffle some feathers at Comcast. Not because of actual GB used, but because of degrading performance of others in your area.

Happy downloading!
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