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miss beehive 1963

reply to AnonBlong

Re: Clever - fight the copyright infringers using

fair point i do agree with most of your argument here, however strongly need to inform you that the rest of the world ACTUALY DOES NOT WANT TO BE MORE LIKE AMERICANS!
but thats exactly the problem, thats what you all think, we are looking at you and thinking you are human beings gone wrong, do note that your country (that you ransacked) is only about 200 years old, with no real structure, or anything that resembles reserve, and you have highlighted this well in your post there.
maybe at one point following world war two, there was some kind of glitsy glamour in view of americans, but this has long since passed yet, you guys havent actually noticed it yet. your country is scary, you dont actualy have vomitariums yet, but i dare say that every eating disorder has stemmed from your country, the common view of you over here in europe, is basically obese and gun crazy, your crime rate is higher than anywhere else in the world, you are beyond superficial, and resemble mere characatures of human beings, and worst of all, its going to take more terrorism before you finally start asking why they are doing it. we all though "9/11" as you have coined it, was the wake up call, but no, you guys just released some albums and sold some mugs on behalf and asked "why in gods name? etc. ITS BECAUSE.....THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE WITH A NUMBER OF OTHER GODS AND OTHER INTERESTS, THAT OCCAISIONALLY WANT TO BITE BACK AT YOU GUYS STAMPING ALL OVER THE REST OF THE WORLD, WITH YOUR GREED DRIVEN EVILS AND MODERN SLAVERY.

i can safely speak on behalf of the majority of britons, is that wwe ridicule and despise you, and to be honest a lot of us clapped with excitement on septtember the eleventh 2002, we were only dissapointed to realised it was just another coon that did it, we'd have been most impressed if some intelligent person in your own country did it.

however, we do feel that you are on the demie now, and are on the verge of eating yourselves.
your bodies and country are beyond saturation point.

i am sure some of you realise this.

but yeah, things should be paid for etc, forgive me for not using words like "dang" and "yee hah" etc. some things are best read without an accent attatched, then again you wouldnt know that.