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Re: [HELP] Why Cisco instead other brands?

In addition to the management capabilities, no one mentioned the fact that a Cisco switch will typically have much greater aggregate throughput capability across the switch backplane than a typical SOHO switch. It isn't a big deal in the majority of small networks. But when you start pushing larger amounts of traffic from multiple systems simultaneously, it can make all the difference in the world.

The industry terms associated with backplane capability with respect to port density are "blocking" or non-blocking" architecture. If a switch has 24 10/100 ports but its backplane can only handle 1 Gbps of throughput that is considered to be a blocking switch. If all 24 ports are running at 100Mbps you could potentially have 2.4Gbps of traffic flowing through the switch which is much greater than the 1Gbps of capacity. Frames start getting dropped when you reach the backplane threshold for data transfer.
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Well, I know that I've been using Linksys for years. I got a cisco 871 a few months ago and it is a CHAMP! It never goes down, it never slows down, it never complains, and it does anything I tell it to. I wish I could find a girl like that (minus the "never goes down" part ) It's the best router I've ever seen in action.