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Light Years Away
Galaxy M31

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Re: New Forum: "Security Cleanup"...

Wow! I'm slipping in my old age. (Heck, my footing wasn't that great when I was younger either).
Don't know how I missed this thread!

Anyway, excellent idea for a new forum and congratulations to lilhurricane See Profile!

Excellent choice not only as a Moderator, but as a person we have all come to know and admire a great deal.

As mentioned earlier, the only way I can figure you handle all of this, is that you just don't ever sleep!
I had a life once.....now I have a Computer and a Modem.

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reply to Mele20
The tabs are fixed.

We Never Shut Down.
Louisville, KY

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Congrats Lisa.
I know you will do a great job with the new forum.

Hilo, HI

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reply to fatness
Why can't the tab for this forum be seen without having to click on the forward icon? There is plenty of room to have all forums display across the top without having to click on that >>. When I do that, then wireless appears twice and I finally see this forum. Then when I want to go to the main forum there STILL is no easy way to get there. I have to go backwards on the back icon and then click on the main security forum link. There are not too many forums to display all on ONE horizontal line at the top. There is wasted space there now necessitating in the extra clicking. Plus, someone mentioned putting Kerio at the end of the list so it is the one that is hidden until you click on the forward icon. I think that is a good idea. But better than doing that, get rid of the second wireless icon at the top and put this forum's icon in the empty space so there no need for the forward and backwards icons.

BTW way, I really like the forum logo!!:)

Edit: I forgot to spell check.
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reply to fatness
It works great just is a little funny looking since its not 100% smooth but hey its works great and who said that it has to look perfect every single time. Thanks for the work.
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