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Santa Barbara, CA

Do I have a bad onboard NIC? *

I just received a replacement P4C800 Deluxe motherboard from Asus (my origninal board had a problem in the CPU circuitry)... Upon installing the replacement board, I find that its built-in '3Com Gigabit (3C940) LAN controller' is not working (everything else is A-ok)... When I try to manage my Network Devices, there is no entry for the 3Com Gigabit controller (or any other LAN)!

Thinking that my driver got corrupted, I downloaded the 3Com Gigabit (3C940) Driver from Asus' support-site, but I am unable to install it because Windows Plug & Play does not see the integrated 3Com Gigabit Controller during bootup or when using Add New Hardware. Plug & Play is enabled in the BIOS, as is the onboard NIC (I also tried disabling PnP just to see if that made any difference -it didn't).

I could really use some help/advice.
* Note to Moderator: I initially posted this in Hardware Help. Sorry for the dupl post, but I think this is the more appropriate forum. Please do as you see fit... thanks!
SYSTEM CONFIG: Asus P4C800 Deluxe, 2.8GHz P4C, Corsair XMS3200 (2 x 512mb), C: WD36GB Raptor (SATA), D: WD160GB, E: Lite-On CD-RW 52x24x52, PSU: Enermax Whisper 460w, Graphics Card: Matrox G550, Monitor: Sharp LL-T19D1B, O/S: WinXP Pro


united kingd
We don't usually get motherboard questions here - since 3Com don't make motherboards.

But it does sounds like a faulty motherboard if it says it's enabled in the Bios and windows doesn't find it! Whether that is the built-in NIC chip or (more likely) a motherboard fault in the connections to the chip is irrelevant, sounds like they've sent you a duff board and you need to get another...
I guess if Asus know of any other gotchas that might be setup problems rather than a fault they'll talk you through it on the phone when you try to sort out the replacement mobo... they might also have some sort of diagnostic utility they can send you that can tell you for certain where the problem is...


There Is Nothing Like A Restart

Milpitas, CA
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Does 3Com still make NICs? I thought that Marvell made them now.


Santa Barbara, CA
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The MB's 3Com NIC is bad... My buddy gave me his old 3Com 3C905-TX NIC card, and when I inserted it into a PCI slot, and it was immediately recognized on bootup. Only 10/100, but good enough.

Thanks for trying to help.