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Tavistock NJ

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reply to Jafo232

Re: Good Luck

said by Jafo232:

Good luck, but I do believe the recording for your own personal use has already be addressed.
If HBO was allowed to legally block off recording of their SVOD content(as opposed to their usual HBO channels, which is not the content being discussed here), I would see that as being anti-consumer and would refuse to use their content(both subscription and otherwise). If they actually went thru with this, it would hurt their business and profits. Not a very smart move.

SVOD defined:»www.ncta.com/Docs/PageContent.cfm?pageID=107
Subscription Video on Demand, or SVOD, is a Video on Demand service offered at a flat (subscription) price that provides viewers with unlimited access to select programs from the libraries of featured cable networks.
In other words, not their regular channels, but the HBO VOD offerings which comes as part of a pkg when subscribing to their regular scheduled channels. And I don't know about all cable systems, but COMCAST doesn't allow you to record any VOD content now with their DVRs. I guess HBO is concerned about people using their own instead of the cable company supplied DVRs.
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No big deal.. outputting the sig from your digital cable box to a DVD burner or other DVR defeats this anyway, legit or not.