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It Is Almost Fast
Sacramento, CA
reply to kd6cae

Re: damn restrictions how can we stop them!

said by kd6cae:

why are all these companies all about seeing how much we can restrict/annoy the consumer? Rather than restricting content more so than it has ever been since the age of recorded content began, why not simply give the consumer what they want? So what if the content appears on the internet? Have they ever thought that some folks like myself, would love a legal internet delivery option for movies and TV shows, without the content restrictions they insist on forcing on us? From my personal experience, and this goes for audio and video content both, I can either pay and get a highly restricted file that I may or may not be able to play on other devices, or at present for free I can obtain the same content, without any restrictions of any kind whatsoever, allowing me to play the content on whatever computer or device I damn well please! Hmm wonder which option I'm going to go with given those choices?
That's not to say I am not willing to pay for content mind you, I'd love to pay to say download a season of a TV show at my full internet download speed, however I am not willing to pay to get a file that's so restrictive, I can't choose where and how it's played! If HBO and other greedy goons would somehow someday realize that the restrictions they insist on placing on their content is what's leading us to obtain the content in other ways, maybe then offer a way to download their content without crap DRM, I'd be willing to bet a service like that would be quite well accepted by consumers especially. So how can we get this simple fact through the greedy companies heads!
quite well said and I ditto that.. make the files available in a standard, usable format legally so we can download/use them legally and on whatever device/player we want. some of us would pay your $3.99 for that (or $0.99 for music)
Webmaster Steve
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