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Carmel, IN
reply to Xela19115

Re: HBO Petitions FCC To Prevent DVR Recording

said by Xela19115:

As far as I know Comcast does not let its customers to time-shift any VOD content (SVOD including) at all. Neither to the DVR or through a IEEE-1394 to PC's or D-VHS recorders. It's already hosted on VOD server so there is really no need to time-shift or record it (their opinion, not mine). A user is allowed to record it via analog ports to a regular VCR or TiVO but that's it, nothing else. No digital copies.
Hmmm, well not sure I agree. While at my buddies place for the Superbowl, we DVR'd the 'Lingerie Bowl' (which starts at halftime and is a 2 hour long $20 PPV show) so we could watch the rest of it after the Superbowl was over. Worked out nicely. Got to enjoy the 'uniform malfunctions' during the L.Bowl. We just ordered it up, hit record, and went back to the Superbowl for the 2nd half; no problems.