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Gatineau, QC

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3COM 3C16980 Superstack III 3300 Router > Switch

Well, i love being confused. :P

Basically, I have my modem going to my router -> my 3300 switch, but the switch doesn't pick up the connection from the router. All other computers connect fine to the switch, and with manual ips, they all see each other.

So do i need to use a cross cable to uplink router and switch? router doesn't seem to have an "uplink" port, and the switch doesn't have an uplink port either(i mean besides the matrix port.(hmm is that a hint?), that i've seen on many others.

did i get this all wrong? :P


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From the 3COM 3C16980 Superstack III 3300 Manual.

"All of the ports on the front of the Switch 3300 are configured as MDIX (cross-over). If you want to make a connection to another MDIX port, you need a cross-over cable. Most of the 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX ports on
3Com devices are MDIX-only. Many ports on workstations and servers are configured as MDI (straight-through). If you want to make a connection to an MDI port, you need to use a standard straight-through cable."

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