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SNMP on a superstack 3300 switch (3Com)

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to verify some SNMP data I'm getting from a Superstack II 3300 series switch. I'm polling the value etherStatsOctets (OID= for the port that connects my PC. This value is a counter and represents the total number of octets of Data received.

Since each octet contains 8 bits, and is therefore equal to one byte, I assume that the value polled should be the same as (or very close to) the number of bytes received as reported by Windows.

I check the value reported by windows by going to My Network Connections, and double clicking my connection. At which point a dialog box opens up with a picture and a counter.

Unfortunatley, the values polled and the value reported by windows do not match, in fact they're not even close. Does anyone have an idea why?

Secondly, is there a way to poll a value for % bandwith used for each port?

Thanks in advance.


united kingd
I'm not particularly surprised that the numbers don't match, but the question is: do they go up at the same rate on the PC and the switch? (within reason, obviously the response to the PC's query will increment the counter on the switch after calculating the response!).

Plus the bytes received by the port is the number transmitted (not received) by the PC??

The number of bytes counted by windows gets reset on reboot... but probably not at the switch end, especially if you don't unplug your PC, in which case there's a good chance the link may stay up the whole time anyhow...

Those are my immediate thoughts, at any rate...


turns out that 3Com only counts Octets of DATA, in other words framing bits are not counted...

That's one mystery solved....