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Kingwood, TX

Extending Wireless network

Currently I have a 3Com Office Connect Router and 3Com Office Connect wireless A/B/G access point supplying my small office wireless networking needs. However I want to extend the wireless network to our warehouse which is in an adjacent building. The access point is about 25' from the office wall that faces the warehouse. It's approx 50' between the buildings and probably another 75' to the furthest point in the warehouse. So total distance from the access point to the furthest "reception point" is about 150'. I currently get a "good" signal standing outside the warehouse on the side facing the office building, but no signal once I move inside the warehouse. There are windows in the office and warehouse that face each other, which might be useful in cutting down signal degradation from the exterior walls of the office and warehouse (some sort of directional antenna maybe?). I definitely don't want to run cable between the buildings, if it can be avoided. I'm not locked into 3Com equipment. What are my best options for boosting or extending the signal coverage?