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Screwed by Primus

I'm in the process of being screwed by Primus, just need to vent a little about it.

I've been a user of Primus DSL in BC for about 6 months, I'm one of the disallusioned ones who ditched Telus after they decided to start monitoring their BW useage. I switched to Primus, and took a speed cut from 2.5Mbit at Telus to 1.5Mbit at Primus, because Primus offered unlimited use. Months went by, I continued my bw happy existence. A couple of days ago I had a message on my answering machine saying I had to call them within 24 hours to discuss my charges for bw overuseage.

Apparently they decided to change their terms of service (In November) to limit the bw useage on their accounts. They claimed to have sent me a letter in November (which I never received), and have sent me multiple emails to a primus email account that I have NEVER once used, since I use a gmail account. They say I owe them $350 in bw charges. Of course, I refuse to pay, considering that they let me merrily abuse bw and never once picked up the phone to discuss it with me (in 3 months). My monthly statements have been arriving, showing the $24.95 being billed to my M/C, with no mention of anything out of the ordinary.

The 'manager' I managed to speak with said there's nothing I can do, and if I refuse to pay they'll disconnect my account immediately. Here we are 2 days later, and the DSL is still working. Go figure.

I'm sure there's wording in their ToS that states that they can change anything at any time with no warning to anyone, but regardless, I think it's a terribly shoddy way to run a business. All they had to do was made a 30 second phone call and leave a message like they did when it was time to collect their ill-gotten gains.

All in all, it was a terrible experience right from day one, when their activation website didn't work and I had to have my account activated over the phone, and thereafter could never log into their member services section. Top it off with a ridiculous bill, and slowass deactivation, so I can't even call another isp to have the line reactivated until Primus is cancelled.


Brian in Kelowna