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Re: INFO: Port Triggering - What is it?


You obviously got it going on with this port forwarding and triggering thing so I'll ask you in lamens english because my pea sized brain has a hard time figerin out wat ur sayin..(Thats a compliment by the way)

Say I want to set up a server with one computer and play on that server with another computer via a BEFSR41 router and 2 syslink etherfast 10/100 lan cards (LNE100TX Ver.5) One on each computer. How do I make it so that the server recieves all the bandwidth capability of my dsl and the 2nd computer just plays through the router like a LAN game or is it doing that already. It seems that the pings stay relatively low for a bit and then everyones ping sky rockets into the thousands. Is this due to a masterserver pinging me to see what jives with my computer... and if so is it possible to limit its bandwidth... OY! Do I sound confused or what..

Bill In Michigan
Royal Oak, MI
·WOW Internet and..
I think I see what you mean...

On the LinkSys LAN you have a server machine and a client machine. The LinkSys forwards some port(s) to the server machine to be a server for players on the net. Right so far?

The client machine has to address the server somehow. Can it be set to go to the LAN instead of WAN address? This way, the LinkSys isn't translating (taking CPU bandwidth).

But not being a gamer there's probably something I'm missing. Like - does the client have to go to some master server to get the address so this addressing is not possible? If it gets your server address on the net it would have no idea what the LAN address is. With me?

Leeds, AL
Here's some additional info for gidcon and Bill.

Client PC on LAN:
Make it connect to the private LAN IP address of the server, thus bypassing the router.

Client PCs from Internet:
Tell them to connect to the WAN IP of the Linksys router.
The real world IP the Linksys router has on the Internet.

For the masterserver, you should try to figure out how to disable that feature.
Take Quake3 for example,
A dedicated server that does not talk to the masterserver:
quake3.exe +set dedicated 1
Setting dedicated to 2 will make the server stay in constant communication with the masterserver.

Make any sense?