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3com 3CR870-95 content filtering processing long http reqst

We recently implemented content filtering at work (boy dont i feel popular now, lol) Anyway, I keep noticing the following event being logged to the firewall

localhost algw: Content Filtering: processing long http request

are these events passing through the content filter? or are they errors coming back from surfcontrol reporting that an http request was too long to process?

we are running software rev 2.01-168, which i believe is not the latest software release.

just looking for more information before i bite the bullet and risk upgrading the firmware for something that may not be worth it at this point...


united kingd
A very good question... to which I think we can only guess the answer... but hopefully an educated guess!

I think either the filtering s/w is outputting a debug message (ie intended to confirm to the programmer that it has detected a long URL correctly) or else it's warning you that the message is too long, because a user might be trying something on or because it is having to revert to the default rule as it can't look it up.

To be honest, to me it looks more like the first one, that it's a debug message that accidentally made it into a release build. I think if the filter was actually unable to determine how to classify it you would get a stronger warning. But it is only a guess.

I'd be pretty certain this message is locally generated not from Surfcontrol.