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Netbuilder LAN Routing

Im playing around with a 3com netbuilder router (2x lan ports, ISDN)
Trying to get routing going off to another netgear router.

Pretty much it goes like this

Clients -- 3com Router -- Netgear Router -- Internet.

Clients can ping the 3com router ( as well as the 3com's second ethernet link (
3com router can ping the Netgear router ( and the clients.

Seems the routes arn't working to well.
Checked the routing table and i have,

Destination     Mask            Gateway         Metric Source !1 1 Static !1 1 Static
Port 1 has the 192 network, Port 2 has the 10 network.
So it appears that the routes are correct.
Routing is also enabled,
SETD -IP control=route

Can anyone recommend anything for me to try?
This is my first time playing around these routers, so im pretty new to it.



Mendon, MA
The short answer it you probably have a Netgear problem. The 3Com Router knows about both networks as it had an IP address on both. It also knows ( based on the routing table )that every other network is located off of the Netgear.

Unless the Netgear has a route back to the 3Com for the Client subnet then you will have this problem. More than likely the Netgear has a default Route to the internet so it views the client subnet as located on the WAN.

The fix is to either add static Route on the Netgear (assuming the netgear supports it) pointing to the 3Com Router address on the 192 subnet for the client subnet so the Netgear knows how to get back.

Better yet use RIP on both 3Com and Netgear ( if it supports RIP). That way if you add more subnets to the 3Com the Netgear will automaticaly learn them.