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legal action?


i been with speakeasy for a year and change, on a onelink 6mbps line, no tone, awesome service, speakeasy is a great co, but i have a problem that cant get resolved.

so i was looking for legal action and the places i was referred to was 1 fcc which told me some telcomm commissions bureau which dont handle cases of telco that dont carry a dial tone, and your not a telco customer,

so maybe someone here knows,

it all started back 3 months now, verizon had a pipe failure in my area, upon job completion according to the verizon people at my house, the pipe is in and my service is 100% up and running, when he left i had a dial tone signal, and a dsl signal on my line, this was fixed 2 weeks 4 tries later by verizon, by switching my twisted pairs in the box, and in the telco.

2 weeks or 3 weeks later, i get the same problem, i loose sync, the switched my pair again to a some other pair, and it runs smooth for 2 - 3 weeks and again i loose sync, showing false termination in the line on loop test,

now my question is this is a onelink line who can i file legal action considering its beyond speakeasy/covad, and its on nyc verizon lines, when i tried to speak verizon they have no clue, the verizon person in my house gets confused how my telephone has a dial tone from a VoIP box =(

there is no legal / gov place to complain about this since i dont have a dial tone on my line =/

any help here would be appreciated,

overall i think speakeasy is awesome, great co, just kinda ticked offed that outside there service the telco is incompetent and no place to get this resolved =/

Adam Alexander

Seattle, WA

wabbit -

Would you mind firing off an e-mail with your account information to me?

I'd be interested in escalating this via our ILEC relations channels through our upstream vendors. Typically, these channels are more responsive than any oversight agency or legal action, as the agreements between Speakeasy, its vendor and the local telco's are commercial.

Adam Alexander
Email - adama@speakeasy.net
www.speakeasy.net Broadband for Open Minds



sent you and email and thank you