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New York, NY

Can I still order anyway?

I cancelled my current DSL service but it won't actually complete until about 3-5 days. But can I order Speakeasy DSL anyway? Would it cause much problem, or will they see it is currently active by Verizon and wait till they close it before trying to setup Speakeasy DSL?

The reason is, I would like to get my speakeasy emails started so I can change some email addresses and also get a the switch over to go as quickly as possible by giving SE a heads up?

King P
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Murfreesboro, TN

If you are doing a non OneLink order, then they will probably have to wait until your service is disconnected. If you order the OneLink service (dry DSL with no dial-tone), then they can get you set up now.

When I left BellSouth, I ordered the OneLink and they just used the 2nd copper pair in my phone line. My BellSouth service was still on the 1st pair. Once OneLink was set up, I cancelled my BellSouth service.

Hope that helps.
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New York, NY

I'm not getting onelink. I mean I know I can still order, I'm just wondering if they'll get confused or delay it further by trying to setup the line when it's being disconnected from my previous DSL provider.

Adam Alexander

Seattle, WA

wake -

This scenario is a bit of a catch 22-- if your Verizon lineshare ADSL was still active, we could have performed a migration to change the cross connects from Verizon DSL over to Speakeasy.

If you've already submitted a disconnect order for your Verizon DSL, we'll want to wait for it to complete prior to submitting a new order for lineshare services. There are two possibilities that can occur if a new order is submitted on top of a disconnecting order:

a) The new order will be accepted, and process as a migration from Verizon DSL to Speakeasy, the newly installed Speakeasy cross connects could then be removed as a result of the disconnect order, requiring for us to wait for the customer service record to clear and start over again.

b) The new order will not be accepted, and will be placed into a hold status due to a pending order on your customer service record, this often takes longer to clear and resolve than just waiting to place the Speakeasy order to begin with.

I'd recommend waiting 5 business days from the disconnect order submission to Verizon before proceeding with a new order with Speakeasy, do avoid any complications from the above scenarios.

The good news? If you're concerned about switching your e-mail over, we can get you started with e-mail/dial-up, etc. accounts right away while we're waiting to actually submit your DSL order to our vendors.

If you contact our Sales Team at 800-556-5829 they can get started on setting this up for you right away.

In the case that you have questions that you're not getting answers to, or want me to check things out to ensure they're on a success path, drop me an e-mail to adama@hq.speakeasy.net.

Adam Alexander
Email - adama@speakeasy.net
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Tucson, AZ
reply to lua6

As Adam said, they can get you going with email and dialup right now. That's what I did and it was a lot better than being stuck without anything at all while I waited for the install. It was all free too. Free dialup and email while you wait for install. Good luck.