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Doctor Four
My other vehicle is a TARDIS
Dallas, TX
reply to N10Cities

Re: Stop fighting technology!

said by N10Cities:

said by CSU:

I thought technology was supposed to make things easier and more efficient. All I ever read is how someone develops a new technology and someone else sues because of the new innovation.
AND possible competition.... Here is a quote from the last paragraphs of TFA....

"HBO's Zitter noted that Sling is not the only company doing time-shifting and place-shifting of video content.

Zitter says HBO has an exclusive mobile distribution deal with Cingular Wireless LLC and also distributes its content to cell phones in nine countries outside the U.S. "

Sounds like HBO doesn't want any competition in the place-shifting field and will litigate any competitors out of the market.
And this is why the DMCA is in desperate need of being
reformed (and not strengthened like the content cartels
are lobbying Congress to do so right now). If HBO uses
the DMCA to shut down Slingbox, they are clearly abusing
it. The law was never intended to foster anti competitive
behavior among corporations.
"Kayura or Badamon, whichever you are, you should know that I will never give up this battle. By the will of the Ancient, I shall succeed!" - Shuten (Anubis) from the Ronin Warriors. Taking the 'L' out of Play: the Big Music/Hollywood Mantra