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Chesterfield, MO
reply to dvd536

Re: How is this different...

said by dvd536:

Because HBO wants you to pay extra say if they offer HBO in your hotel room. just like MPAA wants you to pay for different formats of the same movie or RIAA with different forms of the same track of music.
You already pay extra. It's rolled into your daily rate. As I said, unless or until this method of using an existing HBO subscription becomes pervasive, there's no lost revenue for HBO.

If I had to guess, HBO doesn't give a hoot about their subscriber watching the show. Like the RIAA and MPPA, they are afraid you'll allow a non subscriber access to your subscription.

This reminds me of 30 years ago growing up in rural America. The nearest rock station was 40 miles away with a 15,000 watt transmitter. A clear signal required a pole-mounted external FM antenna. To get other than country music in my tree house, I taped the transmit button down on a walkie talkie and placed it next to the inside stereo. Within about a half mile, I could listen to the rock station using a matching walkie talkie. The quality sucked but it was better than nothing.

Come to think of it, is there a SlingBox for radio? I think it's ridiculous that MLB charges to listen to the game on the Internet when it's freely broadcast on AM radio. The problem is that most AM won't penetrate office buildings. If I used a SlingBox-like product to send the AM signal my home receives to my office desktop, will the FBI bust into my home and confiscate my equipment even though I'm the only one listening to the feed?