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Walnut Creek, CA

Does anyone have SE service in Bloomington Indiana?

I will be moving to Bloomington Indiana this summer and wondering if anyone has service there.

Wondering if all plans are available there. I contacted SE about such questions, but they want my phone number first. Since I do not have one yet, they are not answering any of my questions, like do you have DSL service there at all?

I would like to keep my current plan of 2 static IP and 1.5/385. Just want to be prepared before I get there if I have to look else where for DSL.

Thanks for any info about Bloomington.



Tucson, AZ

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Do you have a house picked out yet?
Do you know the zip code you will likely be moving to?
If you don't know any of these, then it is not possible to find out if you can get service.


Punch in the zip code and look for a CO with a Covad DSLAM that is close to the house. That's what you need to get service. A CO with a Covad DSLAM that is less than 20000 feet away from the house. If the house has telephone service and you know the number, you could know for sure which CO is serving the house. That's why Speakeasy wants the telephone number. If you're lucky enough to talk to someone at the telephone company who actually knows something, you could ask them what CO serves the house.

DSL availability can only be determined with certainty on a house by house basis. »DSL FAQ


Walnut Creek, CA
Thanks. Found more information about DSL in that area.


Walnut Creek, CA
Speakeasy does not service Bloomington Indiana

After 4 years I will miss SE!