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Cold Spring Harbor, NY

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reply to damonlab

Re: Who cares about network DVR anyhow?

said by Transmaster:

... there is none of the other channels which Time Warner tried to make Dish swallow. ...
said by damonlab:

Things like on demand and network DVR are just excuses for the cable company to raise your rates. There is no point for those things when you can go out and buy your own DVR or VCR.
Some things do NOT belong together.
Like freedom AND a gun pointed to one's head .

The Internet is a great technology.
The cable or fiber run on OUR public and private land should be a transport system ONLY.

Like the highways.

Imagine a highway owned by a private HIGHWAY COMPANY that dictated, and sold, what cars you were allowed to drive on it.

There is NO constitutional right for these cable, and now fiber, operators to run wires across our lawns and streets. The franchise contracts can be re-negotiated at renewal time. The laying of new cable/fiber should be by public contract. So should the yearly management of such plant.

The bandwidth necessary to support ALL on demand content would evolve much quicker if the fox was removed from being in charge of the hen house.

Get rid of the bastards. Tell them to either remove "their" wire at their expense, or sell it at reasonable cost to the new way of doing business, i.e. the wires that run on our public and private property will be built and managed by a company that does only that and nothing more. The wire is just a conduit for OTHERS to use. Equally, democratically, on demand.


West Lafayette, IN
that is extreme to me, but I can't disagree with the basic concept.


Cold Spring Harbor, NY

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said by Fluker:

that is extreme to me, but I can't disagree with the basic concept.
Hey Flurker, glad someone agrees with my post above and a new model that the Time Warners, Verizons, and Cablevisions MUST follow in order to string wires across our private and public lands.