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Rogue Wolf
Mourns the Loss of lilhurricane

Troy, NY

An example.

Here's a theoretical situation:

Suppose there's a government employee- we'll call him Agent Smith- who is studying random surfing habits in order to find possible terrorist connections. He comes upon your records, and finds that three weeks ago you visited the site www.gardeniasforyourmom.com to send gardenias to your mother for Mother's Day. Agent Smith HATES gardenias and anyone who orders them, so he decides he's going to make a little example of you, flagging your files for further review.

Over the next few months Agent Smith secretly keeps track of your personal surfing habits, building up a casefile of "suspicious behavior" and "possible subversion"- only he's making subtle little edits, changing everyoneloveskittens.com to everyonelovesosama.com and placing links to kiddie-porn sites in your history. Pretty soon he's made you out to look like a terrorist-funding, child-ogling anti-American reprobate.

He submits your file to the Department of Justice, and alarms are raised. Certainly you're mere days away from committing harm to America! Federal agents pull over your car on the way to work and whisk you away to an "undetermined location", where you are held without access to legal counsel or contact with the outside world, until such time as the government decides you're no longer a threat.

Now replace "buying gardenias" with any potentially controversial political idea or personal belief. Think it can't happen? Things like this have been happening for as long as humankind has had governments.

The easier it is for government to know about you, the more likely it is that someone IN government will use that information for reasons other than what they say they will.
Feudalism: It's your Count that votes!

Canyon Lake, TX
Simple..a terrorist or anyone who has a hate for a neighbor can plant a trojan horse or even crack into their wireless network and do suspicious behaviors through the "innocent" neighbor's ISP account.

Because of the hatred of the neighbor, there will be a smile on this person as if this person sees through the window that several suit men comes out of that white van, with an antenna on top, to the neighbor's front door.