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Salem, NH
reply to bamabrad

Re: Trying to figure out...

they are not looking to save any lives here as i would assume that most if not all child porn viewable to the general public at least.......ie no login to a private group site, is overseas somewhere and out of reach of US law.

No, kiddie porn is an excuse, they are not looking to save lives. what do they want? who knows for sure , Control? defiantly, revenue from a new generation of synthetically created criminals? possibly, but whatever it is the Current US gov wants, One thing for sure is that there is STILL some people left alive today from a past generation that have actually seen these types of things before come to fruition,

back in a time not so long ago when a small country set the entire world ablaze.

I for one will NOT be goose stepping along with "THIS United states government"

Q: How does a citizen of the US go about impeaching the US attorney general or in some way raise some complaint to have him removed from office ? because just the IDEA of what he wanted to do and i knowing full well that if the U.S. gov. foot the bill for this that the ISP's would have no moral problems at selling out their customers, Just cries out righteous indignation and a Huge kick in the ass to this administration from the American people.

A Government should fear its people, A people should not fear its government.