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Los Angeles, CA

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Broadxent vs Westell....Now I'm a believer!

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Ping decreased
I've been using the Broadxent modem supplied by SE since service was started. My margins were OK, so I didn't have any worries.

I did buy a Westell 6100 on Ebay, however, just for fun.

Lately, I've been having some still-unexplained line problem, with margins dropping low enough to cause the Broadxent to lose sync. For laughs, I tried the Westell and sure enough, results were markedly better. Broadxent loses it at around 6 dB SNR, and Westell hangs in to 4 or even 3.

Both modems report very similar line stats, so I think they are reliable. Westell starts delivering data much sooner after connection is made than does Broadxent. It even runs cooler.

Also, as reported by others, my ping times are better with the Westell, even during periods of good signal strength. BBR reports 12 mS to my first hop with Broadxent, 9 mS with Westell.

In summary, I'm a believer now. I'd suggest picking up a cheapie 6100 on Ebay as a backup to the Broadxent even if your line is strong and clean. And if you have a marginal circuit, it may be your solution.

The Westell seems superior in every way.



Re: Westell stats, how?

How do you see the line stats on the Westell when you're connected to SE? I have mine in bridging mode, so there's nothing to connect *TO*, as far as I can tell. My static IP is on my router/firewall; So the connection is phone line -- Westell 6100 -- Router -- PC (or whatever endpoint device/system).

Are you using your Westell 6100 as a router, with IP, doing NAT & DHCP? Or, is there some way to get to the Westell when it's bridging?

TIA, and I look forward to learning something.
David in NJ


Los Angeles, CA
I put a switch (or a hub, doesn't matter) right behind the Westell, and I plug my router (with my SE fixed IP address) into the switch as well.

Then I can plug my computer (which is set up for dynamic IP) right into the switch. It gets an IP from the Westell and I monitor stats. At the same time, the router is bridging and handling normal internet traffic for the rest of my LAN