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San Jose, CA
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reply to axelrose

Re: DMCA copyright E-mail from comcast? Help me please!

This is Comcast's response to a complaint from an agent for the copyright holder of the infringed work. It is a result of uploading, and your IP address was forwarded to Comcast. I seriously doubt that Comcast has done anything more than to log a violation of the TOS and warn you.

I would think that you could ignore the first notice; but should consider a response of compliance, without any admission of violation on a second notice.

If the complainant intends to seek redress under the law, they should take a different approach than to complain to Comcast about a TOS violation.

I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over a TOS violation notice. Just make sure that you are no longer in violation of TOS.

WARNING: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on Television. Neither do I have any firsthand experience of these matters.
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