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This forum is dedicated to discussion about anything that pertains to running a wireless ISP. The topics that are discussed here can range from setting up a wireless link to setting up an email server using Linux or Free BSD.
NOTE: If you are trying to setup a home wireless network, please post your questions in Wireless Networking.

About this Forum:
Forum regulars run WISPs ranging from a few to several thousand customers. These people are a valuable resource and are to be treated with respect. If you ask a question and receive an answer, be grateful that someone took their time out from a busy schedule to try and help you, even if it was not the answer you were looking for. If you have patience, you can get the answers you need.

Do Your Homework Before Posting:
Check the forum resources and forum links before posting questions like "What is the best equipment to use to start a WISP?" Please use these resources to learn the basics, as questions like the above will likely not receive an answer. After learning the basics and understanding most of the principles behind running a WISP, if you have a question that can not be answered by using Google, by all means ask it here. WISP Forum FAQ

Abbreviations and Acronyms:
Please use the forum search feature or check the FAQ or Google before asking.

Sellers, Manufacturers and Resellers of WISP Equipment:
This forum may not be used for free advertising or spam of any kind. If you are in the WISP Equipment business, your comments and help are welcome, your self-promotion is not.
If you are a vendor, and you wish to post useful information of a technical nature, by all means do so but be aware that forum members are free to discuss, in detail, both good and bad points of any WISP equipment, including yours.

Contact Vendors by IM Please:
Questions about item availability, pricing information or anything directed at a specific vendor are to be taken to IM or email and not discussed within a thread unless such communications directly pertain to the original scope of the thread.

This is a professional forum, and it is expected that you will conduct yourself as a professional. Flaming, trolling or harassment of any kind of other members will not be tolerated and will result in your user ID being banned from posting.

Trolling and Flaming:
When you post something calculated to insult or annoy - when it's personal - when it pertains to the user and not the topic - it won't be here for long. It's always easier to ignore those who try to lure you into a flame-fest, and it makes them look like the troll they are. Bring it to the attention of a moderator, but DO NOT respond in kind, and then seek moderator action against the poster.

Site Rules and Guidelines:
Please review the following site guidelines: DSLR Terms of Use, Moderation and Censorship, and Rules on Posting.

Moderator Decisions:
Moderator decisions are final. If you have a question about an action of a Moderator, you may contact that mod by IM. Rude or otherwise abusive IM messages will not make your case. Posts related to moderator actions will be deleted without discussion.