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PLZ Just saw new post, now can't find on Main page

Hello everyone, 1st time in this forum,
I just read watching a video a poster put up on the main page,titles (I think) SOME GOOD ADVICE or KNOW YOUR RIGHTS,
shows 3 teens in a car being pulled over by police,the right thing & wrong things to do,(and your rights under the law)its from an attorneys office or advertisement I believe,after watching half of it,had to stop,
WENT back to try & see it but NOW (thurs 720am) can't find it, did anyone else see this post & video,

do you have the addie, Jazzy"
I try to be friends with all,
wary of a few,
and will always be an enemy to some reguardless of what i do

Requiescat in pace
Numquam oblitus
Hoboken, NJ

1 recommendation

»The Police and your rights-----very important and valuable

This one, Jazzy?

YES SIR,THANK YOU,so much now only is it informative, it is also very educational for us "OLDER" drivers, that were raised up to RESPECT the police,(but thats when they had GOOD HELPFUL police OFFICES) not as most-NOT ALL-but most to day are COPS,
who have the attitude & think, IF I stop everyone I see i'' make that BIG arrest that winds me a promotion & a hero title. "jazzy"