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This is a sub-selection from Honestly


Florissant, MO
reply to WirelessMajr

Re: Honestly

Hmm.. wonder what the bandwidth cap will be when you get 3 TV's with 3 channels of HI-DEF (1 for each TV) plus the Internet and/or VOIP....



The bandwidth cap only applies to the internet traffic. The TV and phone are partitioned off onto their own networks. According to the MStar technician that installed iProvo in my last apartment, the router at my end of the fiber shapes 100Mbps for all three services. The TV service includes up to 3 concurrent TV channels, each on their own ethernet cable (you have to string the cable to each TV, apart from the internet network). Those three channels share about 80 Mbps of the 100Mbps available.

The router also provides two phone lines for the house which share about 2 or 3Mbps.

The rest is available for internet use. I do not know if these ratios are set, or if I could have a broader internet pipe if I don't use the TV and phone (which I don't). The real limit is the router right now.