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North Las Vegas, NV

Other ISP's?

It doesn't really mention the other ISP's here...

What about AT&T and Veracity? Are they capping?

If not people need to stop complaining and move to these two providers.

Personally, I am in a Utopia service area and just waiting for it's arrival. Obviously if the company you are with isn't providing what you need people need to switch. They have options.

Also I've had Xmission DSL in the past and they have never enforced their caps. I went over on a monthly basis and never heard a word.

Fiber Guy2

Provo, UT

UTOPIA is Heaven

I have measured bandwidth usage for ISP's on UTOPIA as par t of my job. (I do not work for UTOPIA or their ISP's.) While the AUA allows them to limit you to 100GB, they are very easy going with this limit. I have reported to them and seen them contact users that were using over 1000GB.

I don't think the ISP's (all of which have an acceptable use agreement with some limits) charged them for overage, just asked them to cut back.

We all know a small number of very heavy users use most of the bandwidth and they are actually subscidized by light users. Bandwidth has a cost and you should expect to pay more if you are a heavy user. Of course it's a business but this connection is about the best you can get. Compare it to cable's tiny upload, unknown usage limits or DLS or wireless slow speeds

Fiber to the home....250+ channels of IP TV (uncompressed HD (19.5mb/sec.)...not like cable which compresses it's HD)which does not count at all toward your high data limits...all at a fair cost.