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North Andover, MA
reply to wifi4milez

Re: Are people really shocked?

said by wifi4milez:

Its almost as if I am talking to a wall! Nothing seems to get through to you.....

said by Ahrenl:

They don't charge for service. They don't provide service
Thats interesting. So I suppose the providers that re-sell Utopia service are getting it for free? If thats the case then please sign me up to be a Utopia re-seller! Free money, cant be beat!!
Read the next line in my last response. But of course, then you'd have nothing to say.
said by Ahrenl:

Not to mention, to stay viable in the market, one usually does not INCREASE their price.
Where do you come up with this crap? Who ever said anything about increasing prices??
Increasing price or decreasing service, amounts to the same thing. It's easier to blanket it all under price instead of continually mentioning every option they have.
said by Ahrenl:

Utopia won't throttle or cap because THEY ARE NOT A SERVICE PROVIDER.
For the answer to this one, lets refer back to my previous quote once again.
Well, your previous quote provided no answers, so ehhmm..

said by wifi4milez:

They will ALL do whatever it takes to maximize profit while minimizing customer churn.

If Utopia needs to do something in order to not LOSE money they will, trust me.
I don't trust you, because you don't know what you're talking about. Utopia would only lose money if they had to rebuild major portions of their infrastructure, and they purchased the improper insurance. Or some new technology, not yet invented, appears to replace fiber optics. The ISP's who pay to access the infrastructure are the ones who determine service, and pay bandwidth costs.