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[Extreme] Confirm from rep on throttling?

Since last night, my download speed have hit 1 Mbits...

I called the rep to asked about it, and they said I'm still on the Extreme profile. He said that everything look fine on his end, and suggested that it could be a problem with my computer... Perhap some hidden warez is taking up the BW.

Not calling him a liar, I was thinking of formatting to see. But I'm just curious how it could have happen over one night like that. So I ask... Anyone here been throttled yet and were they straight up about it when you called in?


You might be on the Extreme profile, but unless he looked at the config file pushed to the modem, he wouldn't know.


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I had to call rogers last thursday for this same problem. I had major IP change to a 74.xxx.xxx.xxx range which i had never seen before. My speed then maxed out at less than 2Megs/s and I am supposed to be at 5. they told me they re-sent my profile and I had to reset my modem. That fixed it and I back to normal speed now.



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I also just did a upload test.. It would seems my download is stuck at 1 Mbits... However, my upload is still the Extreme upload...

Would they do that when they throttled and push the config file? As in, its not a real Lite package being pushed, just a modified Lite download...?

K, let me go call them and ask for my profile to be resent.



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I called in and further asked them to investigate this usual problem.

What we found out, is that the my modem is suffering from a huge packet lost, without even being connected to my computer. So that ruled out the warez problem, glad I didn't format it then found out I didn't need to..

Another good thing is that... 40% of the modems in my area is suffering from the same problem. So I guess its not a throttled after all... A ticket been issued to see why there is such a huge packet lost happening in the area.

Test result



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Everything back to normal now...

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