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Dry Loop Connection Problems

Hi, we have had dry loop for about a month now and everything was working well (though slower than what we had with a landline) - as of yesterday, however, we have started having some major issues. We have a Speedstream 5200 with really bad stats (looking at an average connection of 1400/600 with SNR of 6 and atten of 63.5) - it generally is pretty stable, however, but as of yesterday we have started having random outages - sometimes it will resync at 300/600 (yep - upload connects faster than download according to the line stats), but a reboot will get it back up to 1400/600 again. What is more annoying, however, is that the actual internet connection keeps dropping - I log into the modem and it says that DSL = up but Internet Connection = DOWN - after about 20 minutes or so it will fix itself up put the connection back up, but within 2 hours the process repeats itself - any ideas as to what the cause might be?

Gloucester, ON
I had a similar issue with my dry loop line. I wasted 2 months talking to the monkey's in tech support, they never believed the connection had any problems. They sent 2 techs to check my wiring (direct to demarc) but the dropouts continued. Their final solution was to put me on the 1.5/384 tier, I cancelled the same day as the line was capable of 5mbit.

Don't let them jerk you around and be prepared to answer the stupid questions about filters, jacks etc every time you talk to the useless level 1 guys. But I found the 'test center' people weren't any better as all they ever did for me was reduce my speed or change me to interleved/fastpath and say the problem was fixed.

I had one test center tech say my connection was fine at 64kbit sync. He kept saying 'it is working though right?' I was like OMFG what morons.

Ironically since the account was closed the loop is still active and it is more stable now than it was during my main problems.

These guys have no understanding of how to troubleshoot dryloop, they can do their 'tests' but they don't do them for 24/48 straight to see if the issue keeps occuring.

Good luck and keep us posted.

BTW here is my thread on my issues, and it is only the main parts of it, Sympatico had 30 tickets on record for sync issues on this line.

»Need help with Sync Issues


Well, I got through to the tech support people - surprisingly enough I was put through to the test centre Level 2 techs within 5 minutes - we have the computer plugged right into the modem (which is plugged right into the Demarc) which let them skip through a lot of the silly troubleshooting steps - though the first time I got through I was hung up on by the test centre person (said they would call be back right away, but they never got the actual phone # as the one with my dsl is dry loop) - I got through again quickly to the Level 2 and they said that it was likely my modem - in all fairness, I did have a similar problem about a year ago with my 6520 modem (ADSL stable but no Internet connection) - so hopefully this fixes it - though since the L2 tech played around with it the DSL light doesn't light up anymore - which seems kind of odd...