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Portland, OR
reply to NormanS

Re: [Connectivity] Comcast throttling?

Portland, Oregon, eh? Not very far from Albany, Oregon, where I had no comparable problems.

And when was this? My problems began within the last week.


Portland, OR

...and i can work around the problem with encrytion capable clients. But I can only connect to others with encryption. Very typical of shaping schemes.



gotta say there gd16... that is pretty arrogant to say you know everything because you have a degree.
pretty stupid too.

you may be right as it seems likely that someone with inside knowledge is confirming this to be true, but don't be an jerk with your degree shoved up your ass.

I can tell you of many times where people with masters degrees and even doctorates have told me what is wrong only to prove them wrong once they let me do my job and stop telling me what my job is.

moral of the story is be somewhat open minded to the possibility that you could be wrong...because it IS possible, humans do make mistakes.