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Jean Poutine

reply to Sanek

Re: [ Express] Is Rogers throttling my upload speed?

Man, VPN did the trick for me. With BT, I was getting about 1-10 KB before regardless of how many seeds or the swarm speed, and I was lucky if I could upload 5 KB. With VPN, I've gotten up to 600 KB - yes that's bytes not bits - and my upload will stay around what I set it to (50-80 KB). However, when I hit 600 KB, most of it was from one connection that would only last for a few min at a time, and that user had forced encryption. I get about 1-3 KB from most connections and given that a lot of them are cable, it seems that they're either being throttled, stingy with uploading, or they have the number of upload connections set too high for their upload speed. Perhaps, BT will improve if more people use VPN, but it's probly just a matter of time before ISPs find a way to screw with that too. It's like warfare to get what's advertised.